Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wondrous Words Wednesday


Wondrous Word Wednesday hosted by Kathy of BermudaOnion

I found those words in Death's Daughter by Amber Benson

1) Kibosh (page 227): [He] had opened a wormhole in the middle of nowhere to put a kibosh on my whinings and save us at the same time.

n. Informal.

A checking or restraining element: had to put the kibosh on a poorly conceived plan.

2) Quesadilla (page 229): ..but when I woke up, my nose felt all warm and melty to my touch, kind of like a quesadilla....


A flour tortilla folded in half around a savory filling, as of cheese or beans, then fried or toasted.

3) Commingling (page 236): [just the thought of] his life force commingling with mine, made me gaga with lust.

v., -gled, -gling, -gles. v.intr.

To become blended.

To cause to blend together; mix.


Tea said...

I like the word "kibosh." I've never seen or heard it. Thanks.

bermudaonion said...

Great words! I love Mexican food, so I know what a quesadilla is. Thanks for participating today!

Kerri said...

Quesadilla is one of my favorite things to eat!!

Margot said...

My mom uses the word kibosh all the time. I thought it was an old fashioned word.

Mari - Escape In A Book said...

I really love this meme, I get to learn so many new words. The only one I knew here was quesadilla.

I have one word this week.

Carrie K. said...

Yum - we love quesadillas at our house!