Friday, May 29, 2009

Chinatown Angel by A. E. Roman

I try not to judge, but from the get-go, I didn't like Albert's friend. Kirk Douglas, not his real name, was twenty-seven years old.

Title: Chinatown Angel
Author: A. E. Roman
ISBN: 9780312375003
Publisher: Minotaur Books/2009
Pages: 275

Chico Santana is a lonely man. His wife Ramona has left him and he has just drifted for six months. A girl goes missing and as he is a private Investigator, he is offered the job of finding the Chineses-Cuban-American girl, Tiffany who does not wish to be found. Chico thinks it is a easy job. Pilar, Kirk Atlas's maid cum lover falls from the roof. Police assume it is a suicide and close the case. But Chico has a bad feeling about it. Tiffany's own family does not want her to be found and Chico gets embroiled in their family politics. Even when Chico is told to leave the case alone, he does not turn back. He has to find the truth, no matter what. And he stumbles upon closely guarded family secret which also affects his friend, Albert.

Kirk Atlas wants to make it big in Hollywood and so does Albert who aspires to be a great actor. Kirk Atlas belongs to a well known family and Tiffany is his first cousin. Albert is in a relationship with Olga, who is Tiffany's sister and there is no love lost betweem them.

Right from the beginning, Chico Santana is a likeable character. He has not learnt to turn back from finding out the truth. Even if he is offered good money for it. His wife Ramona is a well known writer and Chico is the one without money. He is in love with her and pines for her all the time, other women nonwithstanding.

The novel moves forward in a good pace. With many twists and turns, it manages to keep us hooked. It shows us New York city with it varied people, from street people to those live in penthouses. It also retains its wit throughout. For a debut, it is a good read.


serendipity_viv said...

I like the sound of this.

The Reading Momster said...

If it is Fast-paced, i will like it :-)

Thanks for the review :)