Saturday, July 25, 2015

Saturday Snapshot: More and more Saree dates


Finally the day of Inspection. Not that it causes much worry nowadays after 20 odd years of working. Yet the days leading to it are hectic. We try to complete all our records. I must say, the team was happy with the school. That makes us uplifted. The school I work is very big, in the sense that there are 4300+ girls. And there is always lack of space. For everything. Yet we cope, that too very beautifully.

As I have been draping sarees, I decided to go for something different. A multi-coloured Pasapalli. Nothing like a Sambalpuri. It works for all occasions. I decided to go for a plain green blouse. The body of the saree does not have this colour. I opted for no accessory look. My usual stuff had to work.

I made my mom take a pic in the morning as I knew there won't be any time for that in school today.


 Work is very hectic what with Central Team Inspection looming large on 25 July. No time for breathing space.

 I draped this saree to cheer myself up. It is a typical cotton saree from Baripada, Odisha. It belonged to my SIL, and she was on the verge of giving it away. I retrieved it along with two more cotton sarees. It has a Ganga Jamuna border with white, green and orangish checks on the body. A very peppy saree. I matched it with a green handloom blouse with gold border. I got a lot of praise for the same.

 My Jhumkis are from the local market and my silver bracelet is a bought from Mcleodganj, Dharmashala, HP.


Funny weather in Delhi nowadays. It rains during the weekends. On weekdays, it rains early in the morning or in the evening. Clouds don't translate into rains though. It gets so humid after the rains. Horrible. July and August are the worst months. Long dreary days and nights.

Past week, I did not drape a saree. Did not feel like. I draped this pink cotton saree today. It is a batik print. Does not seem to be THE real thing but just a print. I bought it some 20 years back, had draped it a few times. I am not much of a pink person but my colleagues told me that the colour suirs me. I accessorized it with my Silver-Turquoise earrings and bracelet.

I seem to have made a funny face in the second photo....

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

iRead Book Tours:Two Hearts by James Eric Richley & Guest post

Book Title: Two Hearts: When I Said I Do, I Meant Forever 
Author: James Eric Richey
Category:  Adult Fiction, 426 pages
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publisher: JER Books/2014

I have been reading a lot of romance and I grabbed this chance to read this too. It is big novel for a romance but I liked it. Two childhood sweethearts marrying young appeals to me. However, the path of living together is not smooth. They face hardships and challenges in the following years. Jason is a very nice person, very likable. Annie is shown to be good but she turns out to be jealous, suspicious and very insecure.

In real life, it is like that in any relationship. One has to deal with all kinds of emotions. The author has made us do that in this novel. I liked the vivid descriptions of the mountains. It made the place come alive for me. 

Such a beautiful love story which touches the heart. I like the ending where we see hope. That is real life.



What Am I Becoming

Do you ever stop and ask yourself, “What am I becoming?”  Are you doing what you need to do, to become what you want to become?
Success in life is definitely a journey and a slow process. I think there are three things successful people do differently than others. First, is their attitude, second their resolution and determination to achieve goals, and third is the mind set of never giving up.
Our mind and our thoughts are so powerful! Thinking negatively limits opportunities to succeed. Our thoughts determine who we are and who we will become. We are going to become what we are constantly telling ourselves. In order to succeed, it is so important to think positive, uplifting thoughts rather than degrading ourselves and our abilities.
A positive attitude is key to achieving the goals we set.
The second quality of successful people is their resolution to pursue goals and their determination to achieve the goals they set. Someone once said, “The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of knowledge, not a lack of strength, but rather a lack of will.”
Self-discipline is vital in order to achieve goals.
The third characteristic of successful people is the mind set to never give up. Throughout history there have been people that did not give up. Thomas Edison failed two thousand times before inventing the light bulb. Without his continuous efforts we would probably still be using candlesticks for light. Another more recent example would be Michael Jordan, the famous basketball star. Michael Jordan missed 9,000 shots in his career. He lost almost 300 games. 26 times he was trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. He has failed over and over again in his life, and that is why he has succeed.  
He never gave up.
The three most important mannerisms people need in order to succeed in life are: attitude, goal achieving, and never giving up. If we work hard to do these things, we will lead a successful life.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Saturday Snapshot: July 11, 2015

More saree posts


A red green bandhani. Belonged to my SIL, Sujata Tripathy. More than 20 years old, I think. She must have draped it 100 times. At home. In those days I had not wished to drape it. She was on verge of giving it away and had kept it aside in her almirah when I retrieved it some 8 years ago, meaning to wear it. I draped it today for the first time. With a ikat blouse. I felt my SIL's love engulf me. She is like that only. So loving and caring.
The real colour has not come out in the picture.
I accessorized it with red green meena work jhumkis bought locally.


This saree was a Rakhi gift from my second brother. Or should I say SIL? It is a South silk cotton, mauve shade, with checks. The anchal is off white. I have had it for more than 15 years. Not draped til date. I have taken it out many a times but it never got draped.

Today too I draped it with The matching off white blouse. It looked obnoxious. I was on the verge of taking it of when I saw the sleeveless dark blue blouse. Looked like a perfect match to me and I was done.

It was so hectic in school that no time for pics. Just before the school closed, someone took a few pictures. Not so focused but ok. The saree looks blue but it is not. It is MAUVE. No accessories, nothing..... 


Bought this saree some 20 years back, along with another one, from a pheriwala who had come to school. Both for Rs 400. I had draped it once before. The other one, a gold taant saree, is yet to be draped. 

Never realised, it was so bright and cheerful. I had forgotten all about its very unusual print too. Very comfortable cotton matched with a plain maroon blouse.

An ordinary saree became special today. Thanks to Ruchi Rawat for the pics. I was working and got up to get the mandatory photos taken for the pact. We are so obssessed, no?


One of those busy, busy work days. Schools reopened for students after summer vacations. Admission for Class XI is still ongoing. 

I was going through my wardrobe and found this saree. A cream saree with red border and greyish black anchal. It looks worn but neither me nor my mom recalled anything about this saree. Where was it bought or if it was gifted? Maybe someday it will all fall into place.

Anyway, finding a forgotten Sambalpuri cotton in cream with red border is not a bad thing. And with a different anchal is even better. I matched a red ikat blouse with it. Only drawback is that the saree is a bit short in length and I could only manage three and a half pleats. I suppose I will have to do something about that.

I got the saree pic taken at the fag end of the working day. Looking so tired and harassed. But the saree pic is a must and that is that!

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