Sunday, September 19, 2021

The Elephant Whisperer by Lawrence Anthony with Graham Spence


This is one of the unputdownable books. I stayed up late to finish it at one go.
It is journey into a conservationist's mind and how he goes about it in a practical, no nonsense way. Of course , he needs a team on his side to do that.
Anthony is offered a herd of wild elephants which initially consist of nine but two are shot dead because they had turned bad and he gets seven.
This herd tries every trick to escape Thula Thula, his sanctuary. Slowly, he wins trust of the Matriarch, Nana by speaking to her, reassuring her in a soft tone. However, he is ever cautious and careful as one can't trust a wild animal fully.
It is amazing how the elephants communicate with each other and their ability to know things beforehand or comprehend what has happened thousands of miles away. It's uncanny and unexplainable.
Anthony balances his relationship with the local people. He respects each and every animal out there in the wilderness. He is adamant about the herd to have minimal contact with humans.
There is so much beauty in the African Jungles, its people, the tribes, their belief in the Supernatural, fearlessness of his team and so much more....
A must read book for all those who love the nature, the animals, the unpredictability of it all...
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