Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Poetic Book Tours: Ergon by George HS Singer

Book Description:

George Singer's ERGON is precise, delicate and fierce in its engagement with the world.

Ergon: The core function or purpose of something or someone. Virtue arises when the ergon is realized fully. 

Aristotle (Nichomachean Ethics, 1.7, 12)

Title: Ergon
Author: George HS Singer

  • ISBN-13: 978-1625491923
  • Publisher: WordTech Communications LLC/2016
  • Pages: 86

George HS Singer has made the simple things in life poetic. The use of imagery is awesome. The poems deal with everything in life as well as nature. The poems are deep and very insightful. They make us think about life in ways we have not imagined. I feel that every poetry lover should read his poems. Such a slim volume but with so much depth which touches the core. Heartfelt and at times overwhelming....

One of the best poems:

Our Quotidian

I love you differently 

now than when you were hot 
and I sizzled—

I sweep the floor, scrape away 

squashed berries, pry 

tops off medicine bottles you no longer can
and you drive

across town to find just the right

apples, open the bills first, brew kimchee,
worry for the both of us.

I listen for your stuttering laugh
downstairs and feel the silence
that concentration makes

when you ply your needlework,

racing to finish the Christmas stockings
as if the cosmos required it.

Children phone with stories about

their children. We need only change

the beds in their old rooms twice a year.

You call 911 and you’re there

with me when the anesthesia
wears off—worry webbing around

your eyes. Too, you call me cheap

and I spit lazy. We walk past each other
in the hallways.

Until we jump back from

the loneliness as, when on a hike,

a diamond back shook its rattle at us.

You vacuum, I mop.

I know your smell and you, my snore.
In line at the market, you lean into me,

Grazing my shoulder with the warm loaf
of your breast, I tap your thigh—still here,
together in the quotidian.


Don't we all wish for everlasting and sustaining love like that?