Thursday, July 29, 2010

Top Ten Picks: Favorite Books Of All Time

Favorite Books Of All Time

This is not easy. I have too many favourite books and picking only ten is difficult.

1) Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Can any forget the interaction between Jane and Mr. Rochester? Also the fact that, despite the times, Jane was fiercely independent.

2) To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

I can never get out the character of Atticus Finch from my mind

3) Alice's Adventures In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Need I say more about it?

4) A Tale Of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

Dickens is a master story teller and this novel is one of his best. Certain scenes in the book are unforgettable.

5) Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

It expresses her philosophy, objectivism, to the hilt.

6) Catch-22 by Joseph Heller

Either you love it or hate it! I love it.

7) A Passage to India by E. M. Forster

Speaks of three cultural differences between Hinduism, Islam and Christianity in the times of British rule in India. A must read for those who wish to explore the diaspora that is India

8) The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood

A dystopian novel, which is very scary to even contemplate

9) Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K. Jerome

A misadventure of sorts, told hilariously

10) The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

Very symbolic. I couldn't get out the image of the main character changed into a vermin overnight!

What are yours?


Hannah Stoneham said...

What an interesting selection of books! there are a few that I haven't read - but I certainly love A Passage to India

Thanks for sharing

bermudaonion said...

I think my list would change depending on when I wrote it. I've only read 3 of the books on your list.

Anna said...

I've only read a few of the books on your list, and I agree about TKAM.

fredamans said...

Boy I need to get reading some classics!!! I have read some, but not all. I agree that To Kill A Mockingbird is high on my top 10 too!

Bookventures said...

I agree with your choice of Ayn Rand. I read The Fountainhead and really enjoyed it. Great list though. I don't think i could restrain myself to just 10 lol

Jo-Jo said...

I haven't read The Handmaid's Tale yet, but I noticed there is going to be a read-a-long later in August and was thinking about joining up for that. Thanks for sharing your favorites!

Marce said...

I agree about Atticus character in TKAM.

The Metamorphosis sounds intriguing.

Andi said...

Excellent choices! Some of these I've read, and others are waiting on my shelves.

Donna said...

That's a great list! I just don't know if I could come up with a top ten - it's something to think about that's for sure.

I remember seeing the Passage to India miniseries on TV years ago and ever since I've wanted to read the book.

Amanda said...

Yay for Jane Eyre! Catch-22 is one of those that just barely got brushed out for me. I wish it had been 15 top books!

Anonymous said...

We agree on the first two. I read Catch-22 in college and hated it, but my husband read it last year and he told me I was wrong ;)