Thursday, July 15, 2010

Booking through hot

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When you think about “hot reading,” what does that make you think of? Beach reading? Steamy romances? Books that take place in hot climates? Or cold ones?

Actually the worst of summer is over for me. This year we had temperature ranging from 104-111 °F from April to June. Those were the worst three months for us. However, it did not seem to affect my reading habits.

I define "hot reading" as something that can hold my interest. Irrespective of the temperature outside. I am not much of a beach reading type of a person, mainly because I live in a place far away from the Ocean. I do go for romances and if the story is good than I don't mind the steamy bits. Many a times, those actually help in unwinding. Reading is personal. None of us have any right to judge the others about their reading habits. If someone likes fluffy or what some call trashy stuff, thats their business.

As long as the book is good, it doesn't matter to me if it is set in a hot climate or a cold one. It can be a Gabriel Garcia Marquez or a totally goofy graphic novel!

Hot or cold, reading ought to hold!

Isn't it what we all desire?


Gigi Ann said...

Very nice answer. In hot weather I tend toward a light easy read, with a good storyline.

Kristin said...

I love this questions and seeing everyone's take on it.

Here's my answer.

CMash said...

It seems we all agree...its the plot/book that keeps our interest is what is considered "hot".

Kelly said...

I totally agree! Romance scenes don't really matter to me, it's the general plot of the book that makes it "hot".

Good answer!

Amused said...

Such a good point! Hot books should hold your interest!

Amanda Moore said...

Glad your heat is over we are just in the beginning of ours today is 105. I agree about "hot" being something that holds my interest thanks for sharing this week.

Fiona said...

Good answer and my sympathies with you! I think it's hot anywhere around 25C and have been known to complain bitterly at 23C. I love reading with a hot cup of tea tucked up under a blanket, but can't do that in the summer.

However, because I hate the sun I tend to try to avoid it by staying in more so I end up reading more anyway.

I haven't read many 'hot' books I'm starting to wonder though if I'm missing out. I love a good bit of romance, or a steamy sex scene if well written and part of the broader story.

Ted said...

Hmmm, I can see I was right about your summer! When compared, mine is childsplay!

zetor said...

The storyline is far more important than the weather.

Alyce said...

I think you have a great answer, and agree about hot reading being an excellent book holding my interest regardless of genre.