Sunday, July 11, 2010

TSS/Weekly Geeks

Since last sunday I have not read a word of anything or reviewed anything either. Somehow I am not very inclined to read. 1/3 of July has passed without a single book being read. How is that?

I have compiled a list of 10 best crime fiction I read till end of June 2010. Do check it out. You will definitely find something you will like.

One more thing is, despite being in non-reading mode, I am itching to buy books. I think I will give in to that.

I am also in the look out for buying a good laptop. Yesterday I almost clinched a deal. It fell through as the dealer didn't have the model I wanted in their inventory other than the display one. I obviously did not want the display model. I had specifically asked if they had one in their inventory. Just when I was going to make payments, they told me that they are selling me the display model. I was mighty mad and you can imagine the rest. I walked out soon after without my laptop and lots of anger!

Weekly Geeks: Do Book Trailers Do It For You?

In the last year or two a new entity has arisen in the publishing world: the book trailer. Apparently every self-respecting book has to have one these days so it seemed a good time to have a chat about them. Feel free to answer as many (or as few) of these questions as you like.

  • Do you watch book trailers?
No, I don't watch book trailers
  • If yes, do you actively seek them out or just watch the ones that get pushed to you in some way?
  • If you don't watch them, why not?
Actually the hype puts me off. I would rather discover the content of the book all by myself. If I wish to know anything about the author, I would rather seek that information.
  • Have you ever read a book based solely on seeing the trailer? What book was it and what did you like about the trailer?
  • Where do book trailers come on your list of things that influence you with regards to what books to read (friends' recommendations, mainstream reviews, bloggers, bookstore promotions, the blurb....)?
Book bloggers opinions figure high in my list. Maybe friends too..
  • Do you have a favourite book trailer that you'd like to share? What do you like about it?


Bernadette said...

Sorry to hear you've had a rotten experience with buying your computer - hate it when that happens. Hope you get over your non-reading slump soon - maybe buying a new book (or three) is the thing to get you reading again :)

Rikki said...

I totally agree.

Book Bird Dog said...

I will definitely go back and check out your 10 best crime fiction! Isn't it fun reading these?

bermudaonion said...

How frustrating about the laptop. I'm sure you'll find what you need soon.

I don't watch book trailers much - when I do, it's usually after I've already read the book.

Laurel-Rain Snow said...

I hate when that happens...when a sales person goes through the hype, so persistently moving toward a sale, that he/she is not listening or paying attention to what the customer wants! Rage is appropriate in this situation. LOL

I don't like book trailers. I actually don't even enjoy anything on You Tube, even though I watch occasionally...I hate having to put on my headphones and get situated for a few minutes of...what?

So my answer would be "no."

Here's my salon (I didn't read much either!):

Literary Feline said...

Perhaps you will find a book while you are book shopping that will spark the reading bug in you again. Sometimes that happens to me.

I hope you are able to find a new laptop. I would be upset too if they waited 'til the last minute to tell me they were selling me the display model (which I wouldn't have wanted either).

As for book trailers, I do watch them occasionally, but I don't seek them out.

I hope you have a good week!

Alyce said...

I don't really have a strong opinion one way or the other about book trailers. I don't watch them most of the time because I don't have the patience. I figure I can read a description quicker and have a good idea what it's about, and I'd rather do that than spend five minutes watching a book trailer.

Kristen said...

I'm sorry you're not reading much right now either. Maybe it's the summer heat or something. The computer experience would have made me hopping mad too! And finally, like you, I almost never watch book trailers. I figure I can read a page or two in the time it takes to watch and I prefer to read (when I'm not in a slump, of course). ;-)

Erotic Horizon said...

Sorry about the laptop thing hon... Hopefully you will get it sorted soon..

I so understand your need to buy books despite the fact that you are not reading...

I agree as well about the trailer business...
I dont think I am the target audience any way..