Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wondrous Words Wednesday

Wondrous Words Wednesday is hosted by Kathy of BermudaOnion

It has been a while I played this. Here I take this word from Last Last Chance by Fiona Maazel.

1) Proboscis (page 7): It was impressive, this huge proboscis of huge affront to the landscape.

pro·bos·cis (pr-bss)
n. pl. pro·bos·cis·es or pro·bos·ci·des (-bs-dz)
1. A long flexible snout or trunk, as of an elephant.
2. The slender, tubular feeding and sucking organ of certain invertebrates, such as insects, worms, and mollusks.
3. A human nose, especially a prominent one.


Margot said...

Nice to see you playing Wondrous Words again. Your word was new to me too.

Jenna said...

I've actually heard this word before! (ha, that's a first for me) I love the way it sounds... so elegant! :)

bermudaonion said...

I learned this word at some point and have to admit to using it from time to time. It's such a fun word! Thanks for playing along!