Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A-Z Wednesday: Virgin Widow by Anne O'Brien

Title: Virgin Widow
Anne O'Brien
ISBN: 978-0778303756

Publisher: Mira/2010

Pages: 624

Book Description: Anne Neville is the heiress and daughter of the greatest powerbroker in the land, Warwick the Kingmaker. Trapped in a deadly tangle of political intrigue, she is a pawn in an uncertain game, used by the houses of Neville, York and Lancaster alike.

In England’s glittering, treacherous court, not all wish to see the Neville’s raised high. The Earl of Warwick’s ambition and pride lead him into an attempt to depose the Yorkist King; his treason forces his family into exile.

Humiliated and powerless in a foreign land, Anne must find the courage and the wit to survive in a man’s world.

My views:

Anne O'Brien is not very well known, although she was married to Richard III. Here here story is told in such a manner that we are drawn into the political intrigue and treachery. Earl of Warwick uses his own daughter to further his own selfish interest. Edward Lancaster, a volatile person, even though married to Anne, doesn't treat her well. He is totally influenced by Margaret of Anjou. She does not allow them to get close to each other. Anne, at a young age 14 year, faces too much tribulations. Yet she does not give up. She knows she has to carve a niche for herself. Medieval England comes alive for us. It is a tome of a book. But that did not deter me from reading it at two sittings. It is a must read for history lovers. Anne's thoughts might have been fictionlised by she has been given a great voice here. It seems as real as the history of that time. Maybe it is, if she had been given a voice at that time.


Veens said...

Sounds like a great book. You are right, I have not heard of her much!

Nise' said...

It does sound like a great read. It has been such a long time since I've read royal historical fiction!

jlshall said...

I love reading about this period in history. Sounds like a good read, but a very long one.

My "V" book.

fredamans said...

Sounds interesting!