Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wondrous Words Wednesday


Wondrous Words Wednesday is hosted by Kathy of BermudaOnion

Taken from To Desire a Devil by Elizabeth Hoyt

Wigeon (Page 57): Oh, Jeremy, I am such a wigeon!

Any of four species of
dabbling ducks, popular game and food birds. The male European wigeon (Anas penelope) has a reddish head, cream forehead, and gray back. The male American wigeon, or baldpate (A. americana), has a white crown, green eye stripe, and brown back. Baldpates often graze on young grasses. The Cape wigeon (A. capensis) of Africa is a nocturnal feeder.


fredamans said...

Good word!!

bermudaonion said...

I should be able to remember that since it's a lot like pigeon! Thanks for participating!

Margot said...

I like the way she used the term to describe herself.

The Westie Loving Therapist said...

I wonder if this is like calling yourself a doe doe bird? :)

When you mix arnica (sp?) with oil to use in your hair, does it act as a moisturizer?