Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Teaser Tuesdays: Tomorrow River by Lesley Kagen

"Pay Attention." Grampa taps the back of my head, hard. "Sam Moody's been arrested for murderin' your mother in the first degree."

~Page 274

Title: Tomorrow River
Lesley Kagen
ISBN: 9780525951544
Publisher: Dutton/2010
Pages: 342

I like books about twins. Tomorrow River is one such book. Based in Virginia, the Blue Ridge Mountains as its backdrop, it also has beautiful atmospheric feel to it.

Shenandoah and Woody Charmody, both 13, are twins. Their mother has disappeared and they are trying to cope with that. Their father, a well known Judge, too seems to have changed, for the worse. He doesn't want them to mix with anyone else and virtually keeps them prisoners. Woody has not spoken a single word since their mother disappeared.

Shenny kind of takes care of her twin, who tags along with her. It appears that their father is going to remarry and Shenny knows she has to find her mother's whereabouts. Woody is no help and anyone she tries to talk to, considers her just a kid. The fact is no one wants to get in the bad side of their father.

Yet Shenny is determined to find out the truth. With the help of their coloured housekeeper she embarks for the same. And plunges right to family secrets, which have been very well guarded. When she faces Woody's secret, she can't believe that it is her twin , who has been protecting her all along, not she.

I liked Shenny and Woody too, who doesn't speak a word. Their father comes out somewhat evil, although Shenny can't see it. With a surprising ending, this novel was a pleasure to read. I had to keep on reading to know what is going to happen. The starkness and darkness merges yet there is light at the end. A beautiful book, well worth the effort.

Thanks to the author, for my copy.


bermudaonion said...

My husband's from the Blue Ridge mountains and his dad is named Woody, so I feel like I need to read this book!

gautami tripathy said...

Kathy, you are going to love this book.

Novroz said...

Very intriguing both your teaser and your explanation on the book. I'm putting it on my to-search list.

Alice said...

Mother murdered? I read your post with interest and like you, I like books about twins too.

Harvee said...

Sounds a bit scary! Good tease. Here's mine: Making a Case for Life: Teaser Tuesday

Nise' said...

Your teaser and review has me wanting to read this one.

Tea said...

What a horrible thing to hear that your mother has been murdered. Would love to read the book.


Jenny Q said...

This books sounds awesome! Love the reaser - good choice! Here's my teaser for Daughters of the Witching Hill

Jan von Harz said...

Great teaser and this sounds like a really fascinating book.

Jennifer said...

Fabulous teaser, I will look into this book, it sounds like a good read. My TT: http://www.rundpinne.com/2010/05/teaser-tuesdays-dismantled.html

Alayne said...

Great teaser. This book looks beautiful. My teaser is at The Crowded Leaf.

Emma Michaels said...

Great Teaser! Here is my Teaser Tuesday:

Feel free to stop by tomorrow for my review and GIVEAWAY of the book and a new ARC, by the same author, next Spring when it is released!

Emma Michaels

fredamans said...

I love a good murder mystery!


Audrey said...

I don't know this author, but this sounds like my kind of book! Great teaser!!
HERE is mine for this week :)

E.J. Stevens said...

Interesting teaser!

My teaser is here.

Happy reading. :)


Martha Eskuchen said...

Good teaser. I like the cover and your review makes it sound interesting.