Sunday, May 9, 2010

TSS: The Journey Home by Michael Baron

Title: The Journey Home
Author: Michael Baron
ISBN: 9780981956862
Publisher: Mass Market Paperback/2010
Pages: 176

The Journey Home takes the reader into a journey of three people who are totally unconnected. Joseph comes out of sleep and doesn't remember who he is. Yet he can feel his wife calling out to him and has to go to her although he doesn't know where and how. He meets Will, a 17-year-old boy, who offers him to take Joseph anywhere he wants to go.

Warren seems to have lost his mother to Alzheimer's. He has a lot of personal problems, what with a lost job and being in midst of a divorce. Still he knows that he has to coax his mother out of it. He takes pains and cooks for her, her own recipes over the years.

Antoinette, Warren's mother, in her lucid moments, only wants to lie in bed and dream of her husband to come to her.

All these characters are lost in their own ways and have to find a way to come into terms with themselves. They have find their comfort zones, their safe havens. THe reader gets totally involved with their thought processes. THese seemingly unconnected people somehow come together, finding peace at last.

It is a very short novel, seems a bit slow at times but it makes the reader think. Baron has done a good job with the ending. And the best part of the book, are the recipes, and the cooking by Warren, which he does out of love for his mother. Each ones, feelings, desires, pains have been brought forward very well.


CMash said...

I also have this book to review...thanks for letting me know about it before I read it. It sounds different from his other book "Crossing The Bridge"

Serena said...

I have this for review as well