Sunday, September 6, 2009

TSS: August Wrap Up

After a slack July, I had a good reading month. August was expecially good as I read some very different books. I also joined RIP IV challenge and already finished 3 books for it, in August and one more in September.

These are my August reads. Click the titles to read my reviews:

Deep Freeze by Lisa Jackson
Magdalene & the Mermaids by Elizabeth Kate Switaj (poetry)
Wait Until Twilight by Sang Pak
Ghostwriter by Travis Thrasher
T'Aragam by Jack W Regan
Faces In The Fire by T. L. Hines
A Worthy Legacy by Tomi Akinyanmi
The Reincarnationist by M J Rose
A La Carte by Tanita S Davis
Best Intentions by Emily Listfield
Prince Rupert's Teardrops by Lisa Glass
Kill For Me by Karen Rose
Tommy Gun Tango by Brant Randall/Bruce Cook
Mare's War by Tanita S Davis

My reading spree continues in September too. I have already read 3 books in 5 days and on my 4th. Today I have a busy schedule, so I might not be able to read much. However, one or two of my review posts might be up!


serendipity_viv said...

Well done on reading so many books. Especially in the last couple of days. I have just received Best Intentions, so I am really looking forward to reading them.

Nan said...

You are on a reading roll! That looks like a good list of books that you've read for August. I'm enjoying the beautiful weather here for this long weekend and getting caught up on some reading myself. Have a great day!

JoAnn said...

Wow - sounds like you've been on a roll! For some reason, I tend not to read as much during the summer. Fall is starting though, and I'm ready to get back on track...

rhapsodyinbooks said...

You had a great month! I hope September turns out as well!

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Great months. All that great poetry you wrote,plusreading all of these books...Bravo

Beth F said...

Excellent job!

kay - Infinite Shelf said...

You had a great month! :D

Ceri said...

You'e had a really good month :)

I really want to read Waiting Until Twilight

Gavin said...

What a great reading month. I am very curious about "Wait Until Twilight" and "Mare's War." Have a good week!

Melody said...

Looks like you've a great reading month!

Sassy Brit @ said...

Hi! I have Cleopatra's Daughter coming too, I can't wait to hear what you think about it.

Also have a competition to win it on my site!

You have an award to pick up here:

I posted it yesterday, but then had to go out before I told anyone! :)


Anna said...

Great job! You certainly are plugging along.

Diary of an Eccentric

Becca said...

Great month! I have to go back and read some of those latter reviews, as I finally succumbed to the dreadful "mark as read older than a week" option on my reader. It was just out-of-hand. But I really want to read your review on The Reincarnationist. I got it from BookMooch a while back but have not found time to fit it in yet.