Thursday, September 17, 2009

BBAW: Thanks to Feminist Review

Thanks to Feminist Review, I came across two Poetry books, (1) Judah's Lion by Ann Caston and (2) Magdalene and the Mermaids by Elizabeth Kate Switaj. As I write and read poetry, I emailed both the poets for a copy of their books and they were kind enough to send me one copy each.

Title: Magdalene and the Mermaids
Author: Elizabeth Kate Switaj

Book Blurb:

At the heart of this comprehensive collection lies the Biblical character of Mary Magdalene whose presence is prominent in many of the poems and who haunts those which are, ostensibly, departures from the subject matter that dominates. However, departure and digression are not the hallmarks of this work and each piece of writing represents a different incursion into the topic from angles and perspectives that are startling, original and engaging. By adopting an overarching motif, the author is able to align more personal topics and themes with the main focus, at times appearing to move into territory not evidently covered by the title but always providing the vital connection somewhere in this sequence of compositions.

Judah's Lion by Anne Caston
Anne Caston 's first collection of poems, Flying Out With The Wounded, was awarded the 1996 New York University Press Prize for Poetry. Juda's Lion is her second collection of poems.
Judah's Lion, 2009, Toad Hall Press
"Judah's Lion"
"Irony is beyond a boy like mine. As is symbolism.
Allegory. Metaphor, too. All is literal with him
though that doesn't rule out a wildebeest,
the one he meets each morning in the fallow field
beyond our yard, the one who lies beside him
each night now in the dark......"

Feminist Review is a group blog. It has reviews of Books, Movies, Music, Jewellery, Cosmetics and lot more. One of the best blogs around. A must read for me on my google reader. Check it out.


Book Dragon said...

Your post is so nice. I think I have post envy ;-)

Mine is here

Anonymous said...

Nice finds. I need to start reading poetry more.

Serena said...

Those sound like some great finds! I especially am intrigued by the Mary Magdalene book.

Anonymous said...

I can see why you picked it up =)

Jacqueline C. said...

I always love a good recommendation and these look great!

Chrisbookarama said...

I hadn't seen those before!

Feminist Review said...

Hey! Thanks for the mention. :)

Anonymous said...

I'll have to check out Feminist Review. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Very nice!

At some point, I'll be brave enough to take on poetry. Right now, I'm scared of it-- bad high school experiences, probably :-).

bermudaonion said...

Sounds like the perfect blog for you. I love being inspired by other bloggers!

Yvonne said...

These sound really good!

Lynn said...

I've never heard of Feminist Review... I'm off to check it out.