Sunday, September 20, 2009

TSS/Weekly Geeks: Why/what makes us go on?

Why do we go on?

For challenges, memes, readathons or other stuff like the recently concluded BBAW. And more important, why do we book blog?

This is not easy to answer. Not as is easy as it looks in the first appearance.

Let me go back the start of my book blogging. I started this as a personal journal, writing about books I read, my thoughts, opinions and whatever else there is about a book. I also wrote about poetry by famous poets, more to myself than to anyone else. It was more for myself than for any kind of recognition. Yes, I did have only one book blogger in my blogroll but we used to email each other about our reviews and left no comments on the forum. We liked it that way.

When did it change?

I think when I started getting visitors and comments. And I reciprocated in kind. Dewey was a big help in adding to my blogroll. I remember, I entered three book giveaways at the same time and it was just my luck that I won all three! And then some. Dewey used to joke that I won say 10 books a week. In a way Dewey kept me going. I started exploring around and found so many like minded people. And I also signed for as many challenges I could.

My blogging hours increased, my reading horizon broadened and my blogroll kept on getting longer. My commenters kept coming back and I started to reciprocate in kind. The google reader happened which has helped me immensely in keeping touch with those blogs I would have otherwise ignored.

What do I get out of it?

I get to know about so many great books. And I also request some direct from authors/publicists. Then I also get to read/review poetry books. Some authors/publicists too contact me for reviews. If the book looks good, I agree otherwise I politely refuse. I seldom take part in book tours..once in two months, maximum. I read at my pace. And only those books which interest me. And I take part in three or lesser challenges at any given time.

Memes too have helped me in finding some good books, authors and good book bloggers. That is what I think makes me keep going. And when I can't read, our blogger friends are so encouraging. They recommend all kinds books that might work. Last year when I couldn't read for almost three months, C B James' short story September got me back into the groove.

And nothing can burn me out. It only makes me more deteremined and I truly thrive!

What about you? Does it make sense to you?


Kerrie said...

I think seeing your blog as the potential beginning of a conversation is the key Gautami. The early blogs were a bit like standing on your soapbox but then greater interaction became possible and it is the comments and conversations that spur me on. After I had discovered that I had posted 21 times this week I decided to combine my Sunday salon and Weekly Geeks posts this week here

JoAnn said...

Great post! I think we all get so much out of blogging. The interaction keeps me going, plus all the great books I learn about.

Margot at Joyfully Retired said...

This post came from your heart. I like that. I enjoyed reading about your blogging journey.

tanabata said...

It sounds like you've found a good balance of what works best for you. It's definitely the interaction with others that keeps me going. And even though BBAW was somewhat overwhelming, it's only made me more motivated to work on, and hopefully improve, my blog.

bermudaonion said...

It does make sense. I get to learn about new books and feel like I've made lots of friends all over the world.

Anonymous said...

Great post! I like hearing about early blogging journeys because many of us have had similar ones. I was not familiar with Dewey, but the lasting love from so many bloggers is really inspirational.

Anonymous said...

I think you explained very well the motivation for many of us book bloggers.

Literary Feline said...

There are times I consider giving up blogging and then one of my blogging buddies will make a comment that reminds me of why I keep at it. The person might not even know that he or she helped me.

Michelle said...

Great comments here. I think you hit the nail on the head that what we get out of it is friendship, new books, expanded horizons and the like. It seems to be the theme of what I've been reading from others.

The Book Resort said...

I loved your post. Thank you for sharing!