Friday, September 11, 2009

Heart of Courage by Kat Martin

Title: Heart of Courage
Author: Kat Martin
ISBN: 9780778326090
Publisher: Mira Books/2009
Pages: 407

Book Blurb:

Under the pert pen name "Lady Smart," opinionated Lindsey Graham crusades for social change among London's elite, writing for the ladies' gazette Heart to Heart. But Lindsey's greatest campaign begins when her brother Rudy, a notorious rake, is accused of murdering a string of prostitutes.

Her confidence in his innocence is bolstered when an anonymous letter arrives naming Viscount Merrick as the killer. Lindsey launches her own investigation into the gentleman's questionable pursuits, a risky venture that earns her an unwelcome bodyguard—Thor Draugr.

At first, Lindsey refuses the protection of her employer's brother-in-law. They are like oil and water, yet she can barely conceal her attraction to the rugged Norseman. But an attempt on her life reveals not only the lengths that someone will go to in order to prevent her interference in the viscount's sordid affairs, but that she can no longer deny that she desires the warrior by her side.…


With a cover like that, it only means one thing. A steamy romance. Lindsay is a strong opiniated woman and Thor is the typical chauvinistic male. It is set in 1844. Both can't deny the strong attraction between them. Thor, to give him credit, resist but Lindsay comes out very strong o him. And he is only a mere male. Both know they can't marry but that doesn't stop them from having an affair.

And then there is that murderer, who has to be found, in order to save Lindsay's brother. Frankly I felt, the way her brother behaved, she ought not put her life in danger. It only gave Thor reasons to come to her aid. Not that he did it grudgingly.

With such strong characters, this novel could have been much better but somehow it felt one dimensional at times. The dialogue did nothing. I didn't see romance anywhere. The steamy scenes were mechanical. The love part comes too late and does nothing to redeem the book. With a premise like that, it could have been a better novel. The suspense part too somehow not up to the mark. I would have liked to know what propelled the murderer to kill all those women. The reasoning didn't gel with me.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I'll pass on this one if I happen to see it. Thanks for the honest review.