Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Almost Heaven by Judith McNaught

Fifteen servants wearing the traditional blue and silver livery of the Earl of Cameron left Havenhurst at dawn on the same day.

Title: Almost Heaven
Author: Judith McNaught
ISBN: 067174255
Publisher: Pocket Books/1990
Pages: 517

After a long time I picked up a historical romance novel. I think I needed this change from my usual reads.

Elizabeth Cameron, the Countess of Havenhurst is beautiful, gentle and courageous. A rare combination. She meets Ian Thornton, a mysterious stranger with lots of secrets. No one knows about his lineage or that where his wealth comes from. He is assumed to be a gambler and is a social outcast. When Elizabeth is discovered in his arms one night, she has to face the consequences of it alone, what with her reputation being in shreds. She finds herself with no friends and her half-brother too disappears. Elizabeth finds herself in deep debt and has to do all she can to keep her home, Havenhurst.

Her uncle is adamant that she marry as he is not too keen to look after the upkeep of her home. Thence, he sends fifteen identical letters to anyone who had wished to be her suitor before the scandal broke out. Elizabeth does not wish to do as he bids but as no choice in the matter. Somehow, she and her aunt end up in Scottish Highlands, which is the home of Ian Thornton because of a mistake on the part of his clerk. Ian doesn't know what to do with them although his first instinct is to throw them out in the cold. But he can't do that.

From there follows a merry dance led by both. They try their best to avoid each other but can't escape the strong attraction between them. Elizabeth's aunt is no help. Infact she designs that they meet at every chance. Ian learns that it is he who is responsible for her state, the scandal, the debt and no suitors. He tries to make amends in the only way he can, although he can. They are destined to be together, yet misunderstandings drives them apart again and again. How does it get resolved?

It is not that romance which interested me. It is the strong heroine, who is so business minded and has a keen sense of bargaining. Her business acumen even interests Ian, who grows to respect that part of her. Elizabeth is not the weepy kind of female. She is fearless in facing anything, even making a fool of herself in front of everyone. She can go to any length to save what she loves most but her ense of fairness never deserts her. Ian too not one those males who think they are superior. He thinks and makes it known to Elizabeth that she is his equal. In every way. Even in his rage, he can't banish her from his mind, heart and soul. And her convictions keep her alive.

I truly liked reading this book. For the characterizations, both the main ones and the others, who play important roles in their lives.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I forget about the older books. This one sounds fun, and I definitely love a good romance once in a while.

serendipity_viv said...

I always find it is nice to mix up the books I read, so that I don't get stuck in one genre. This sounds like a good book.

Sheila (bookjourney) said...

This sounds like a good read. I tend to overdose on genres and then need to switch it up as well. Currently I am craving a good mystery

bermudaonion said...

I don't know if I've ever read a historical romance. The history part would interest me more than the romance.

Melody said...

It's been a while since I read a JM book. I've read a few books by her and my favourite thus far is Whitney, My Love.

Staci said...

I love McNaught...I gobbled up all of her books way back then!!

Beth F said...

This sounds like a great vacation read!

Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorite historical romances. I love Judith McNaught and have read all of her books. Paradise is another favorite of hers.

lisa said...

i luv judith!
novel2 dia terbaik ahh...