Sunday, September 27, 2009

Weekly Geeks : Diversity is the thing!

As most are aware, I live in India* where there are very few book bloggers. Except for veens, and Violetcrush (as Ceri reminded me in the comment section), I don't know any other. So the almost all the book bloggers I visit are from US/UK/ Australia, and other places. There are so many book bloggers who read vastly different books from me, yet I like to visit them. Here I show only a few of those:

Bryan Terry: I discovered this blog fairly recently. I don't know where he finds his books but those are nothing like I read. Those titles are exotic. I have been tempted to try some of those books. And one of these days I might. Do check him out.

Tony's Reading List
: I see a lot of Japanese book reviews on his blog. As I am slowly gravitating towards that, I like to explore his blog. I read him via the google reader.

Walt: He almost entirely reviews comic books/Graphic novels. I like to read him via the google reader. That way I am able to keep abreast with the genre.

Yvonne of Socrates' Book Corner: She reads mostly romances. Even though I am not much into romances, I like to check out her reviews. I love her cat pictures too.

*Update: Here I meant book bloggers who live in India. Not the Indian book bloggers who live US/UK or any other place. I can name three that I am aware of, that is, S.Krishna, Ramya, and Shweta who live outside of India.


Previously I had thought of going the easy way for this
Weekly Geek, that is writing a "Personals Ad" post to find bloggers who are outside my norm.

Single Indian female, 41 living in New Delhi, India seeks book bloggers, who share her love of everything printed. Likes to read most genres except for self help books and hard core porn. A diehard rock music fanatic, likes to paint, write poetry and play with children. She is open to new interests, new ideas, new genres, new anything. She also invites everyone to visit India at least once in their life time.


Kerrie said...

I hope some other Indian book bloggers come to light for you Gautami. You are the only one that I visit at the moment, but you would think there are some others out there. My stats say that 3% of my blog's visitors come from India, but they rarely identify themselves!

Maree said...

I think you're the only Indian blogger I know of ... I hope some surface
Happy Weekly Geeks! :D

Shanra said...

I can't really add anything to what's been said (and anyway it'd probably be depressing).

But I do have to say, I like that ad! Fun little thing! ^-^

Color Online said...

Hi Gautami,

I know one or two other Indian bloggers. I think I have a unique situation in that I live in a community in the US among a large Indian population. I love where I live and I love Indian food. You did say you cook right? :-)

I enjoy visiting your blog. Always glad and I appreciate you visiting Color Online.

Enjoyed reading your post.

Ceri said...

I know another blogger who lives in India - she has a fabulous blog. One of my favourites:

I've always wanted to visit India. One of my good friends went out there for two years when she was 18 and now she goes back every year for six months at a time to teach children. She says she feels more at home there than here in the UK. :) I'd love to go there.

Louise said...

I would surely love to visit India. I have lived in Cairo, which is said to be as crazy as your large Indian cities. This is what people who visited both places say :-) So I guess I could get used to it....

There are not too many Danish book bloggers, although we are getting more and more. But the reason I sat up an English blog as well as a Danish one was to be able to interact with a much larger audience, since Danish is such a small language-area. Are there no Indian bloggers blogging in one of the Indian dialects?

Louise said...

PS. I adore Indian food. Another reason to visit!!! Had absolutely fabulous Indian food in Oman in July, cooked by a real Indian chef. My GOSH it was delicious. Mouth watering now. LOL.

Violet said...

Hey, nice and cute add. I didn't know many bloggers from India too but I have come across a few in the recent month, but alas I don't follow any except you and Veens.

Thanks Ceri :)

Kailana said...

I would have to think there has to be more Indian book bloggers... You just haven't discovered them yet! Good luck with it, though. :)

Ali said...

Wow, you managed to highlight only blogs that I haven't read before! Love your Personal Ad, and I would so love to visit India one day. Rebecca of Lost in Books is on her way there right now, and I'm so jealous!

Hazra said...

Hi, I just happened by your blog. I'm Indian too, and you are, I think, the first blogger I know who lives in India. Great finding your blog. I will definitely drop by!

pussreboots said...

It looks like you've found some new Indian bloggers to follow. That's great.

Veens said...

I know Pratima who i think is from India too :)
Other than that i think you are right i know people mostly from outside India!

That ad made me smile :)

Anonymous said...

Wow - this is great! Just reading through all the comments and seeing new connections. I would love to visit India.