Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tintin and The Shooting Star by Herge

Title: Tintin and The Shooting Star
Author: Herge
Publisher: Litle, Brown Books/1984
Pages: 62

The Shooting Star tells the story of Tintin's voyage to the Arctic Ocean to recover a meteor that is composed of Phostlite, an unknown metal.

Walking home one night, Tintin sees a large star in the sky, a star that hadn't been there before. The astronomers have spotted it too, and predict that it will collide with the Earth and that would be the end of it.. The meteor causes an earthquake on impact but nothing else. The astronomers believe the meteorite is made of a mysterious new metal, and decide to make a trip by boat, led by Captain Haddock, to the Arctic Ocean to investigate. An oil company from Sao Rico has also decided to visit the meteor, to take the new metal for themselves. It becomes a race filled with sabotage and seasickness. Tintin and the astronomers have to beat them, no matter what.

It has got a few elements of sci-fi to it and a dream sequence. And It is always a pleasure to read about Captain Haddock. Another good Tintin album.


bermudaonion said...

I've never read any Tintin, but my son used to love them - I think he has the whole collection. Maybe I should borrow one.