Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Courtship by Catherine Coulter

Title: The Courtship
Author: Catherine Coulter
ISBN: 9780515127218
Publisher: Jove/2000
Pages: 352

1811, London, England.

Spenser Heatherington, Lord Beecham, overhears two ladies discussing discipline. One, he knows as Alexandra Sherbrooke, but doesn't know the other, who is really Lady Helen Mayberry, a beautiful tall woman, who runs an inn. He is intrigued to know more about her and somehow it seems to him after a while, that she is pursuing him.

Spenser Heatherington is a well-known womanizer, a confirmed bachelor, is very happy with his life. When Helen throws him to the ground and sits on top him, and he is ready to be her lover. But Helen doesn't want that. She wants him for a partner in the pursue of a magic lamp.

They both have their own opinions on discipline, and they fall in love. When Spenser asks Helen to marry him, she refuses because she is already married to a spouse who has disappeared. But the pursue of that mythical magic lamp keeps them in close proximity and Spenser is even more determined to marry her.

Coulter has written a witty, humorous story filled with odd eccentric characters. A amazon of a heroine and a sarcastic hero make it a perfect read.


Emma Michaels said...

great review! The novel looks interesting. Never heard of it before but now if I see it at my library I will pick it up!

Anonymous said...

I like Coulter's historical romances. Haven't read this one yet.

Anonymous said...

I am currently reading The Courtesan by Catherine Coulter. Not very impressed so far, it is very standard historical romance fare.

Probably, I should give this one a try before deciding that CC is just not for me.