Wednesday, January 20, 2010

After Innocence by Brenda Joyce

Title: After Innocence
Author: Brenda Joyce
ISBN: 9780061235269
Publisher: Avon Books/1994
Pages: 422


From the back cover

Estranged from society, wealthy and beautiful artist Sofie O'Neil finds her private world. She longs just once to taste a forbidden love—to follow the dangerous diamond smuggler Edward Delanza to paradise. but Edward wants far more from the innocent young heiress than a brief and passing encounter. For he is determined to heal her and possess her- now...and for all time.


My views:

Although a usual romance with a predictable happy ending, it does offer something different. Especially
Suzanne, Sophie's mother. It is she who keeps the reader totally hooked. Her attitude towards Sophie takes us over the edge. It's not Sophie and Edward that hold interest but Suzanne and Jake do that. It touches that destructive kind of love that can make a person insane and thats how Suanne appears to us. I kept wanting to know the relationship betwen Jake and Suzanne and also that of Jake and Sophie. For all those romance readers, this book certainly offers something different. But then, Brenda Joyce does that with most of her novels.


Margot said...

I'm a Brenda Joyce fan too but this is one I haven't read. The different relationship you are describing seems unusual for a romance novel and definitely for Brenda Joyce. Now I have to find this one.

Anonymous said...

I haven't read this one, but you know I will :) She's my go-to girl when I'm in a reading slump. I'll add this one to my list.

Anonymous said...

I know this one and I think it was very diffrent in a good way. But I really wondered in the end, becs some questions were still left open even in the end...Is there a continuation of this story available?