Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Marshall and the Heiress by Patricia Potter

Title: The Marshall and the Heiress
Author: Patricia Potter
ISBN: 978-0553575088
Publisher: Fanfare/1996
Pages: 368

US Marshall, Ben Master, adopts the four-year old girl, Sarah Ann. The little girl has a big heart and Ben Masters finds himself loving that little girl more and more each day. All his life, he had never considered that someone so little can manage to wrap him around her little finger! She, loves everything that moves. That includes a disreputable cat, Annabelle, who by no stretch of imagination be called sweet. Only Sarah Ann can see beauty in her! Ben hasn't the heart to tell her otherwise. The cat seems to dislike him all the time!

Then it appears that, Sarah Jane is supposed to be an Heiress! Ben arrives in Calholm, Scotland, to claim it for her. However, the path is not smooth. Someone wants the little girl out of the way. There are too many people who want that inheritance and can go to any length to get it. Ben is determined to find out who is responsible and doesn't let Sarah Ann out of his sight. He can't even trust Lisbeth, Sarah Ann's aunt, who seems to like the girl. Ben too is attracted to her but his adoptive daughter comes before everything!

With grey shaded characters, a bully of a cat, and a soft-hearted dog, a sweet little girl Sarah Ann, this novel is very enchanting. I liked Ben's devotion towards that girl and her trust in him. Drew Cameron too is another interesting character.


Anonymous said...

I've never read Potter and I'm adding this to my list right now!

Victoria said...

Oh this one is definitely going on my TBR list! It sounds like a great story. :)