Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Teaser Tuesdays: Saving Cicadas by Nicole Seitz

"Do you belive in...past lives?"

She's waited a week to get the gumption to ask him, but now she's home guessing.

Title: Saving Cicadas
Author: Nicole Seitz
ISBN: 9781595545039
Publisher: Thomas Nelson/2009
Pages: 320

A mother starts a journey along with her two daughthers, Rainey, 17 years and a special need child and Janie, 8 years old. Priscilla is again expecting a child and doesn't know where she is going. other than looking for Janie's father
Harlan Bradfield, who left them one day on his motorcycle. Her parents seem to disapprove of her ways and she has some issues with them. She loves Rainey to distraction at the expense of her other child. Janie is attuned to her thoughts and doesn't really mind much. Janie is unaware of who is and what role Mona, her grand mother plays in her life. Priscilla Lynn Macy reaches her family home in Forest Pines, S.C. There they find family secrets, ghosts of the past and so much more that explains Priscilla's behaviour and her compulsion. There she takes a decision, which might affect everyone, including her daughters.

Told in alternate chapters from the view points of Janie and Mona, the story moves forward very well. Mona loves Janie and yet doesn't show it much. The mystery pf their love-hate relationship is retained till the end and comes as surprise. This is a book about difficult choices, its effect on everyone in the family and also about letting go, which is one of the most difficult thing in life. Anyone's life.

As we all know saving the cicadas is not easy but we can try. Thanks to Thomas Nelson for my copy!


jlshall said...

I've seen this one mentioned on several blogs lately. Looks interesting - love the cover! Thanks for the teaser.
Here's mine.

BurtonReview said...

Interesting post!
Looks like a good book, thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.

My teaser is up at The Burton Review

Somer said...

This sounds interesting! My teaser is here: http://www.somereads.com/?p=393

Lisa said...

sounds nice

Here's mine

Novroz said...

That is a long teaser ;) but I like it.

Andrea said...

Poor thing thoug that's kinda funny. Great teaser!
Here's mine.

Kaye said...

I like books told by alternating viewpoints.

Here is my teaser
Have a great week and happy reading.

Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Beautiful cover and fascinating peek into what sounds like a great story.

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Alayne said...

Looks like a good book, nice teaser. Mine is at The Crowded Leaf.

fredamans said...

Good teaser!


Jennifer said...

Sounds like a sweet novel.

Unknown said...

Sounds good - I love stories that are told from different point of view.

Susan said...

Looks like an interesting read, and I love the teaser! The cover is beautiful. I'll have to check this one out.

I am re-reading Watership Down by Richard Adams this week. You can find my teaser here.

Anonymous said...

This sounds good.

Unknown said...

Nice teaser, thanks for the heads up on the book. Have a great week :)

The Westie Loving Therapist said...

Thank you for faithfully commenting on my posts. :) I have attempted to read several of Nicole Seitz's books, but for one reason or another just can't get interested in her style.

Staci said...

I think I do believe in past lives. Great teaser and review!

Anonymous said...

Fab Teaser!

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Tam said...

Happy reading to you this week!

Lisa said...

That sounds interesting - families can be very complex things.

My teaser is here.

avisannschild said...

I wonder what he answered! Sounds like an interesting book.

Mel (He Followed Me Home) said...

Awesoem teaser, I want to know the answer now, lol.