Sunday, January 24, 2010

Creole Angel by Peggy Hanchar

Title: Creole Angel
Author: Peggy Hanchar
ISBN: 9787116200396
Publisher: Onyx Book/1987
Pages: 445

Rayne Elliott has been hand-picked to be the first client for Gabrielle Reynaud to initiate her in the house of ill-repute in New Orleans. Gaby falls in love with him and leaves New Orleans to be with him, looking forward to a future. But there are too many people, who have desired her and can't let her go just like that. Then there are those who are bent on reminding her of her past life in that house of ill-repute.

Rayne too comes to doubt her and their life fall apart. But with courage and strength, Gaby can hold on her own and tries to win back the love that truly belongs to both.

With an unusual start, this romance novel makes a good afternoon read in the cold winter!


serendipity_viv said...

You found me another New Orleans book. I have been searching for them over the last few weeks and this is another one to add to my list.