Monday, January 11, 2010

Crime Fiction Alphabet: Six Seconds by Rick Mofina

Blue Rose Creek, California
Maggie Conlin left her home believing a lie. She believed that her life was normal again.

Title: Six Seconds
Author: Rick Mofina

ISBN: 9780778326120
Publisher: Mira/2009 Pages: 469

This year I have been reading a lot of crime fiction. Six Seconds too belongs somewhat to that genre. It is more a novel on terrorists and terror attacks, Jihadists and all. The issue which is very contemporary. When I requested for an ARC of the book, Rick Mofina was kind enough to send me one.

When Maggie goes to pick her son from school for a soccer match, she finds out that Jake her husband had picked him and vanished without a trace. Maggie runs from pillar to post but with no avail.

A nurse Samara, has been raped and has lost her husband and Son in Iraq to merciless American soldiers. She vows revenge on them. To achieve that she gets involved with truck driver, who used to do Iraq rounds.

Daniel Graham who belongs to Royal Canadian Mountain Police is trying to forget his sadness over his wife's death by pulling the trigger on himself near Faust river, when he is somehow compelled to watch out for rescue operations. He does manage to get hold of a little girl who dies in his arms, after uttering a few words. He feels so guilty and has to find out what happened to the Canadian family who seem to have been drowned.

All three events seem disconnected, yet there is something which is common for all. Graham's search leads him to a school in Montana where the Pope is supposed to visit. Although Graham is told to give up his search, he has to go on. And thus he unravels a plot to kill the Pope, all in six seconds. However, no one knows how as no weapon, nothing is detected.

In the backdrop of todays terrorism, this novel feels as if it is real and feasible. And it keeps us hooked too. The leader of the terrorist group remains unseen and faceless. This makes it very scary too. Isn't it what is happening today? Mofina sure knows how to write a crime fiction, or should I call it terrorism fiction? I wouldn't call the prose great but who really thinks about that while reading a fast paced crime thriller.


Kerrie said...

many thanks for this contribution Gautami. I haven't read anything by Mofina- looks like I have to find one of his books

Anonymous said...

The scariest books are the ones that you think could really happen!

Wrighty said...

This sounds so interesting and very terrifying. It also sounds very good! Great review!

Dorte H said...

Thank you for a fine review.

I am not sure I would enjoy a book about terror, though. It seeems far too real.

Anonymous said...

Gautami - Thanks for this review. Like Kerrie, I'm not very familiar with Mofina's work. It sounds very, very plausible though.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I've read any books that deal with terrorists. Sounds scary in that it could happen.