Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Walk to the Hills of the Dreamtime by James Vance Marshall

Title: A Walk to the Hills of the Dreamtime
Author: James Vance Marshall
ISBN: 0688010091
Publisher: William Morrow/1970
Pages: 160

Two children, Sarah, 14, and her brother Joey, 11 are lost in the deserts of outback Australia. They are looking out at ways of survival. A tribe of Aborigines arrive out of nowhere and just take those children into their protection. The children have been brought up in a missinary and have been taught to be good Christians. And the Aborigines follow the faith they have been following from time immemorial.

Nature shows its perils yet the children nor the Aborigines give up hope, following, invoking God in their own ways. The cultures might be divided but hope remains same.

Sarah discovers that cultural differences are not what they seem. Both have the same ends. Both teach love, hope, belief. How can a different faith be wrong? That gives her power to save the people. She also teaches love to everyone who has been in touch with her.

If only we understood this, our world would be better place to live. That no religion is above the others. And all religion teach love. This fable may seem simple but gives us a profound message.