Friday, April 10, 2009

Angel of Wrath by Bill Myers

"Molly? Where is my Molly?"

Title: Angel of Wrath
Author: Bill Myers
ISBN: 9780446698009
Publisher: Faith Words/2009
pages: 316

Charlie Madison, an ex-special Ops agent, Lisa, a ex FBI agent and Jazmin, Chalie's 13 year old deaf niece get somehow embroiled in finding out a serial killer, who is killing all those who he thinks are unforgiving 'Sinners'.

A few teens are indulging in Satanic practices in the deeep mountains. They want Jesus and Satan to come together. And uknowing release a terrifyingly unknown entity in to the world. That creature known as Mothman, attacks its victim via memories. When the serial killer and the creature come together, all hell is broken lose.

It becomes imperative for Charlie, Lisa and Jaz to get into the bottom of all this. Lisa's father too is one of the marked victim, as is Lisa herself. Her brother Thomas, is taken as one of the suspects.

It is the the eternal tale of Goodness versus Evil. And sometimes the line between the two gets smudged. It might have been pegged as Christian fiction but I think it works well as a fantasy novel. YA readers will like it, if they don't think much of the Christian elements. Being a good human being is more important than following any religion, and its dictates religiously. Thats what I infer from what I read.

It was released on 8th April, the day I started reading the ARC, which I won in a giveaway!