Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sunday Book Coveting

This poetry book is the only one book, I covet on this sunday. I checked and nothing else interested me in the New York Times.

SLAMMING OPEN THE DOOR by Kathleen Sheeder Bonanno

From Amazon:

Of all the losses we may be asked to bear, the murder of one’s child must be the most terrible. These poems evoke that keenly, seeking justice but transcending judgment as they grieve loss, celebrate love, and find healing.

From "True Confessions":

Don't pity me:
I was too lazy to walk
up the stairs
to tuck her in at night. When I brushed her hair
I pulled hard
on purpose. And always
the sharp,
plaintive edge
on the rim
of the spoon
of my giving...


Teddy Rose said...

Thanks to John over at Book Mine Set, I found you! I may not comment often but I am a avid reader of your blog and noticed your absence!

I just put you new one in my google reader. I sure hope you can get help in recovering Reading Room! You have put so much work into it.