Friday, April 3, 2009

the nine planets by Edward Riche

Title: the nine planets

Author: Edward Riche
ISBN: 0670044563
Publisher: Viking Canada/2004
Pages: 302

Give a brief summary of the book:

Marty Devereaux is the vice-principal of The Read Pines, which is an exclusive private school but in a remote part of Newfoundland. Mart wishes for it it to be well known. The Principal of the school is involved in a ecological crusade which kind of alienates those interested in investing in the school to take education globally. Also Marty is involved with the music teacher Sophie. However, his foolishness drives a wedge between them. On top of that, Marty is asked to look over Cathy, his niece, who does not think much about him. She is a quiet teenager, who lives in a world of her own. But their paths are always crossing.


As a teacher, I liked the interaction of Marty with the teachers, students and parents. He is detached and keeps his cool. He is obssessed with global marketing of education for The Red Pines. He wants it to be well known. There is wit and humour at every step which sustains the reader when the novel gets a bit heavy. Marty is not vey close to his brother, Rex, sister-in-law meredith and niece Cathy but he is kind of always there when they need him.


The book drags in the middle. I found it repetitive at places. I had to skip a few pages.

Additional Thoughts:

Despite the wit and humour, it is not a light read. It covers relevant issues, reflective of our society. It is satire on the whole system, be it family, love, letters, or education. There are poignant moments too which brings us closer to the main characters. I recommend this book for all those teachers, educators and parents. Students too. Not for those who like books with happy endings.