Thursday, April 30, 2009

Worse? Book it!

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Which is worse?

Finding a book you love and then hating everything else you try by that author, or

Reading a completely disappointing book by an author that you love?

Worse is a very strong reaction.

The authors I love to read have not disappointed me. Ok, a few books are not upto the mark but no one can churn out good books one after the other. Anything I have read by, say Margaret Atwood is good and same goes for Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. We do compare books of a same author and some are great, a few good and one or two so so. One has to take all those with a pinch of salt.

As I try new authors and read varied genres, it does not matter much to me. However, if a book is bad, there is no reason to shun all others books by that author. I would still give him/her another chance.


As I have lost my other blog, Let's hope, google retrieves it for me. If not, I will start another, right from scratch. I have already initiated the proceedings as you can see here. Wish me luck, either way!


TexasRed said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your other blog!

I generally give writers a couple of tries, but after about 2-3 in a row, I tend to spend my time on others in the giant pile of TBR books.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Why was your blog removed? I do hope they find it, INTACT. I shudder to think of all my blog posts just poofing away like that.

I wouldn't shun an author for one bad book, but after a disappointing read, I don't trust him or her as much. I loved the first three Twilights, but was terribly disappointed with Breaking Dawn, and as a result I'm not jumping to grab The Host.

Elizabeth said...

I don't know what I'd do if I lost my blog- what a horrible shock! I'm glad I found you again!

Kerrie said...

Gautami I heard about your problems through Margaret at Books Please. Mine wouldn't load for her yesterday so she emailed me.
I've heard of a couple of othere who were labelled as spam bloggers by Blogger but they survived. You might remember that my blog was in sort of cyber limbo earlier this year. So distressing.
It has become part of a way of life hasn't it?
Hope your old one turns up but I found blogger moves very slowly to corect its mistakes.