Sunday, April 12, 2009

Weekly Geeks: Cookery special

Weekly Geeks 2009 -14: What's cookin'?

What shall we cook today? It seems that for most of us,
a bit of our book obsession would carry over to the cookbook
genre, so this week for Weekly Geeks,
let's talk cookbooks!

I wil do this in an entirely different way. I don't have cookbooks to show in my bookshelves or otherwise. I can only recall a tattered one with the cover pages and index pages gone, God knows where.

I am a fairly good cook. I learnt it from my mom. India is a diverse country. So eating habits vary as does the cooking. Most recipes pass from one generation to the other by word of mouth. It's not that women don't make use of cookbooks but we rely more on the words of a good cook. At least I do.

If I have to cook certain items, I ask my friends or nowadays I simply surf the net. That way one gets to learn about different recipes for the same stuff. I pick from that which me suits me best. I don't go for the professional sites but personal ones. That way I have learnt a lot of household tips too.

As they say, web is our oyster!

These two websites are very popular with Indians: