Thursday, April 16, 2009

Faith and Honour by Robin Maderich

Author's Bio from her website in her own words:

Although published in various genres of romance, both in print and electronic format, my first novel was historical, released by Warner Books (before the big merger with Time) in 1989. Faith and Honor has since been reprinted and the second in the trilogy released. Most recently I am enjoying an association with New Concepts Publishing and had a brief but satisfying association with Inara Press. I also have an illustrated children's e-book published and hope to publish more children's books in the near future.

The rural village in Pennsylvania where I reside with my husband and our multiple pets has provided much of my recent inspiration. The fact that my three sons are all grown has allowed me more time to pursue writing. As one might expect, my feelings regarding that circumstance are mixed. However, they do not live very far away and I see them often.

My interest in writing began at an early age when I wrote my first book in the second grade. Titled Windy Day, the book was thirty pages of unpracticed prose about a girl and her horse (what else?), complete with illustrations. From that point, I read the first time through a book for pleasure and subsequent readings were spent dissecting what had caught and kept my interest, the style in which the book was written, the flow or phrasing and the particulars of description. Enamored of the lyrical quality of the written word, I was hooked. My love of history, research, the intricacies of detail and stretching my imagination have aided me immensely through the ever-expanding process of learning my craft.

About the book:

Colonial Boston churns with rebellion, with every patriot addressing the cause of freedom through thought and deed. Persistent in her own dedication to the struggle for independence, Faith Ashley is no exception. Rescued from the harassment of British officers by Fletcher Irons, the young widow finds herself attracted to him and confused by emotions long held in abeyance. In their initial meeting, Fletcher appears to be merely another Boston citizen on his way home; however, his secrets are soon revealed. When war erupts in the first battles of the Revolution, Faith is torn between her loyalty to the cause and her love for this man who is far more than he seems. All of Faith's strength and courage is put to the test to remain true not only to herself and to her country, but to the man whose destiny rests with her own.

My thoughts:

Going back home to Boston, Faith Mary Ashley, a beautiful red-headed widow, is rescued by Fletcher Irons not knowing that he is an officer in the British Army. Somehow or the other they keep meeting. Being in opposite sides, they should be enemies but somehow are attracted to each other.

Faith is a strong, willful woman, and a patriot to boot, and Fletcher too is a loyal British Soldier, who remains so despite his feelings for Faith. Few other memorable characters are Ezra Briggs, who is a a lawyer and who has known Faith for many years, and Brian Upton, British Lieutenant and a good friend of Fletcher's. We must not forget Faith's father, John Colton, who lives in Longmeadow and Elizabeth, Faith's servant who loves her mistress.

Both Faith and Fletcher, are complex people and try to understand their feelings for each other yet remain loyal to their causes. Boston comes alive for us. Historic details are very vivid and good. As for as story line goes, it is good. But the numerous love making scenes somehow put me off. I felt those were needless and detracted me from the story line.