Friday, April 17, 2009

Booking through Vocabulary

I’ve always wondered what other people do when they come across a word/phrase that they’ve never heard before. I mean, do they jot it down on paper so they can look it up later, or do they stop reading to look it up on the dictionary/google it or do they just continue reading and forget about the word?

While reading I seldom stop to look up a word or a phrase that is unfamiliar to me. I go on with my reading. I try to decipher the meaning from the context of the story. I don't wish to interrupt my reading nor my interest. I might look up later. Mostly I do not. The beauty of reading is, one does not have to look up words all the time. That too helps in making us learn about new words and phrases. As for as spellings go, I am very good at it. I have to be as I write poetry. English is not my first language. But my thought process is in English. I am also known for my usage of new words in my conversations.

However, if I am reading aloud to my nephew, I do ask him to look it up in the dictionary. This has made him use the dictionary more often.