Friday, March 19, 2010

Recommend me: The Murder of Roger Ackryod by Agatha Christie (Graphic Novel)

Title: The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (Graphic Novel)
Author: Agatha Christie
ISBN: 9788128614583
Publisher: Euro Books/2007
Pages: 54

I remember reading the novel long time back and I still have a copy of it. When I saw a load of Agatha Christie graphic novels, this was the first one I picked up. It is one of my favourite Christie novels.

When Mrs Ferrar husband is poisoned, she is the suspect and then she dies! Next target is Roger Ackroyd, who was supposed to marry Mrs. Ferrar. When he too dies, there are too many suspects but no one knows how the murder was committed. It seems almost impossible for the deed to be done the way it is. Our good doctor is always there to assist but no one is able to crack the case.

Enter Hercule Poirot, who has retired and leading a peaceful life in King's Abbott. He sets out to get into the bottom of it and we find that each one of the people who are in contact with Roger Ackroyd have something to hide. That means, no one is telling the whole truth about what happened that night. Our doctor plays Hastings for Poirot recording everything for him. Poirot being what he is, finally gets the murderer but with tragic consequences. At the end too, there is a death.

I think the mystery novel works great as a graphic novel. I loved the illustrations and I think I will repeat the experience with more of Christie's work in similar format. Those who have not tried reading graphic novels, I recommend this!


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Veens said...

I totally wanna read this one!

bermudaonion said...

I didn't realize there are Agatha Christie graphic novels. It would be a great introduction to her work!

Kristen said...

An Agatha Christie graphic novel!?!?! Very cool! I'll have to check that out!

ds said...

One of my favorite "Agathas"! How cool that it is now in graphic form!

Jen at Introverted Reader said...

I know I've read the novel, but I don't remember it. The only Christie novel that I really remember is And Then There Were None. I had no idea they were turning them into graphic novels. I'll have to try to find them!

Kerrie said...

Gautami - can you add this to the Agatha Christie Blog Carnival please?

Anonymous said...

I've read a couple that had graphics and I liked it :) Very nice review!