Thursday, January 22, 2009

Twins by Katherine Stone

Title: Twins
Author: Katherine Stone
ISBN: 0821726463
Publisher: Zebra/1989
Pages: 478 pages

Buying this book was a whim. I had not heard of Katherine Stone but liked the premise. Another thing was, it was available for a pittance! Having read it, I don't regret buying it.

As the title says, it is about twins. However, it about two pairs of twins, not one. With a strong story line, this made a very good read. It has sibling love, rivalry, romance, mystery and suspense.

Reading about Charles' childhood as compared to his twin Jason, is so touching. Their bonding is apparent since their birth yet they are separated for no fault of theirs. They can't bridge that gap despite wanting to. As none knows how to. However, the bonding is such that even they can't understand it. They are twins yet they are different in every other way.

Similar is the case with Melanie and her twin, Brooke. She is a successful model as Brooke a lawyer. Yet they both need approval from each other.

With lots of emotions, heartbreak, tears, this book moves forward. This is definitely not what is called a romance. This a book about bonding, misunderstandings and coming out of it all. And one can't reveal the story without spoilers. So I leave it here. But I say, read it!