Friday, January 30, 2009

Fiction by Ara 13

While in the cavalier guardianship of the forest of Marley, I first saw the lowland tapir. I was wenty-five or so, and still an idealist, ever faithful that Atlee and Keynesian guidance would protect the educated class from the spread of iniquity.

Title: Fiction
Author: Ara 13
ISBN: 9780979863615
Publisher: Covington Moore/2009
Pages: 227

Book Blurb:

Father Daniel journeys deep into the harsh forest, with romanic notions of converting the fierce Oquanato cannibals to Christianity, but the farcial antics of sophisticated savages, who beliefs originate from a peculiar source---a source that rattles Daniel into an introspection, yet dubious narrative.

I received the Bound Galley of Fiction from the author via Marcia of The Printed Page. This is one of those books which defies any particular genre. And also it is not very easy to review.

Father Daniel gets lost in the deep jungle and is found by so-called savages. Initially he thinks they are going to eat him up. Ironically the savages too think the same about him. That he is going to harm them. Nothing of that kind happens from either side. He ends up living with them, but keeps himself aloof. He is curious about their ways, tries to convert them in his own way by talking and words. (He lost his bibles too, when he got lost!)

Somehow the The exchange between the savages in witty, very interesting and filled with a weird kind of wisdom. They follow some source which is a book really. Daniel is curious to know all about that book and when he does, he is completely flummoxed! He tries to reason with the king but for no avail.

What I found appealing in this book is that, it does not preach any religion. Infact, it forces us to see beyond religion. It tells us that certain very simple things can make us spiritual. We don't need any GOD to do that for us.

Spoken in various voices, it made a lot of sense to me. The prose is very good. It is noyt your normal, run of the mill book but something which defies description. Reality, fantasy and myth, all merge at one point or the other. As I like exploring different genres, this made sense to me. With great wit and humor, the story totally pulls one in. Those who like to read something different will definitely like this book.

I look forward to read Drawers and Booths by the same author, which he was kind enough to send, along with Fiction.

Interview with Ara 13 follows in a few days....