Thursday, January 1, 2009

Counter Clockwise by Jason Crockroft

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When Nathan's father told him the news, his voice seemed lost in the quiet of the school room---as though it didn't belong, Nathan thought.

~First line

Title: Counter Clockwise
Author: Jason Cockcroft
ISBN: 9780061255540
Publisher: Harper Collins Children/2009
Publishing Date: February 3, 2009
Pages: 208
Genre: Fantasy/Children's fiction

I won an uncorrected proof (with a Black and White cover) of this book from Jo Ann Hakola of Journey of a Bookseller. It made a good start to read in the new year. As this is children's fiction, it did not take me more than two hours to finish it. No wonder those who read children's fiction, finish such a lot of books!

Nathan's mom dies in a bus accident, he goes to live with his father. His father, Henry and his mother, Cornelle had been divorced for a long time. However, her death seems to have affected both Nathan and Henry. Henry is always so confused and sad. He considers himself a loser. Despite that, Henry wants his son to be educated well in the sciences, that is physics, even though he himself is a soap seller.

One day, almost a year after Cornelle's death, Henry simply disappears through the bathroom wall to go back in time and save Cornelle. And a beefeater named Bartleby warns Nathan that the future shouldn't be changed and Henry has to be stopped from saving his wife. Nathan is confused and does not know what to do until he himself sees a glimpse of his own future. He realises that he does not want that future. He has to stop Henry somehow. So he better move everything counter clockwise. The faster, the better...

This is a book which speaks about time travel with a bit of fantasy element. Nathan wants to know why is the beefeater trying to help? And how does he know all about Nathan, his father Henry? Going back and forth, this book does hold interest. Although Nathan is only a child, he has more maturity than his dad, Henry. Initially it seems, he hates Henry but it is not so. He has lost his mother but he does not want to lose his father.

This book is imaginative and teenagers will like it. The narration is good and well crafted. A adventure in time travel and its consequences. Overall a good read. My copy goes to my twelve year old nephew.