Thursday, January 16, 2014

When the Cookie Crumbles by Virginia Lowell

"Take me to Bon Vivant on Friday, seven p.m." Del kissed the tip of her nose and stepped into the porch.
"Done," Olivia said, following him down the front steps.
"And one more thing." he said.
"I'll expect to see you dressed as a tavern wench."

Title: When the Cookie Crumbles
Author: Virginia Lowell
ISBN: 9780425251485
Publisher: Berkeley Prime Crime/2012
Pages: 294

Olivia Greyson and Maddie own The Gingerbread House. They bake great cookies. Now they are baking an exact replica of Chatterley Mansion for 250th Birthday Celebration of Chatterley Heights. Paine Chatterley, presumed dead, arrives in town, with his wife, Hermione, to claim his heritage and forbids everyone to visit his mansion. He is not keen to have the celebrations. The Mayor, Karen Evansen, wants the celebrations to go on. She asks Olivia to talk to the Chatterleys. 

Then Paine is found dead in his bathtub. Many of their precious heirlooms are destroyed and Hermione is overwrought. All these cast a shadow over the forthcoming celebrations. Olivia and Maddie, along with their baking, try to look for clues. They find themselves in the midst of unpleasant secrets of the Chatterley family. Olivia has to get into the bottom of all this.

Along with Del, the local police officer, who is also Olivia's boyfriend, they find the killer. The murderer is someone very close and unlikeliest of all. 

This is a good cozy mystery, the characters are very life like. I loved the cookie baking, decorating details. Maddie is a real good friend to Olivia. Elle, Olivia's mother is an interesting character. I loved the interesting stories about cookie cutters. For all cozy mystery lovers out there, I would say, go for it!


Elin said...

Love the quote :) Thanks for sharing :)

Julie S said...

Hmm what's the context around this quote? The costume sounds like a funny request.

Chanzie said...

Awesome quote :) the costume request is intriguing! Thanks for stopping by my TWHS post

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