Friday, January 3, 2014

One Dead Cookie by Virginia Lowell

Olivia Greyson could feel his eyes watching her. She knew what was going on, and she refused to be duped. Olivia concentrated on the cardboard box next to her on the sofa. The contents glowed in the soft light from the lamp on the side table. Olivia lifted one of the objects, a shiny aluminium butterfly shape, possibly the last cookie cutter her friend Clarisse Chamberlaine had purchased. A few weeks later she'd been murdered. 

Title: One Dead Cookie
Author: Virginia Lowell
ISBN: 9780425260692
Publisher: Berkeley Prime Crime/2013
Pages: 293

Olivia and Maddie own a cookie shop, The Gingerbread House. Their baking is so good that all their cookies are eaten up in no time! They bake for any kind of theme parties. It is Maddie's engagement party and both are busy baking for that.

Trevor Lane, a soap opera star is found dead on the porch of The Gingerbread House. It seems he is not so popular with the people over there. He has too many enemies. When Olivia and Maddie's childhood friend Stacey's ex-husband is implicated, they know they have to find out the murderer. In the the midst of mad baking they surf the net and talk to people.

Both Oilivia and Maddie are very endearing. And so is Olivia's puppy, Spunky. OLivia tiny mother Ellie to is a memorable character. They solve the case on Maddie's engagement day. 

With mad going ons and weird stuff happening, this is one good cozy mystery. It is 4th in the series of the cookie cutter mystery but is a stand alone novel. Reading it one simply wishes to keep on munching decorated cookies. I learnt a lot about cookie cutters! 


Elizabeth said...

Love your book beginnings. Sounds like an interesting read.

THANKS for sharing, and I am glad to see you entered the contest on my blog. :)

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Tea said...

Sounds like a yummy cozy.

Sandra Nachlinger said...

I'd like to get to know Olivia and Maddie (and Spunky) better. Sounds like this story would be fun!
Here's the link to my Friday post: A GOOD HOME.

JC Jones said...

I hope those were not real guns. I love mysteries and this on sounds good.

fredamans said...

Ominous but intriguing beginning!
Sounds like a great mystery unfolding!

Happy weekend!

Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Okay, you had me at cookies and soap star! Sounds like a good cozy...enjoy!


Cheryl said...

It's possible the person who is talking is describing me. LOL! Absolutely love the cover art on this one and it sounds great.

Thanks for stopping by The Busy Mom's Daily.

Anonymous said...

This really does look like a great read and it has a great beginning.

Brooke Showalter said...

This sounds like a lovely cozy! Thank you for sharing. I want to read this series. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, Brooke Blogs. :)

Bea said...

It sounds good. I'd have to be sure to eat before reading or I'd snack my way through the book. :D

sherry fundin said...

I love cozy mysteries and this sounds like a good one. Thanks for sharing a new author (for me).

Ricki Treleaven said...

I've been looking for a copy mystery or two to read this winter. It sounds cute!

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