Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Death, Taxes and Green Tea Ice Cream by Diane Kelly

An ad in the construction section caught my eye. “Think I could handle a jackhammer?” It would be an awesome workout for my biceps. Plus, the thought of working out my frustrations on a piece of asphalt sounded enticing.

“A jackhammer would be loud. Wouldn’t that rattle your nerves?”

True. Any stress relief the jackhammer provided would probably be offset by the irritating noise.

Death, Taxes and Green Tea Ice Cream by Diane Kelly
ISBN: 9781250023087
Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks/2013
Pages: 320

Tara Holloway, an IRS special agent, is fired from her job. She had shot a criminal four times on his leg. Everyone thinks she should have shot him dead when she had the chance. But it looks like as if she is being punished for sparing his life. The same criminal wants a ten million dollar assault case to be brought against her. Tara is low in finances, spirit and everything. Things can't get any worse. But they do. 
Her previous boss, Lu gets her job in some tame place where she can't get into trouble. But Tara is Trouble! Wherever she goes, she gets into the bottom of the things and that person/company is in trouble. Tara is gifted a new long range rifle by her dad and practices that. When things seem dull because of her new job, she consumes green tea ice cream to keep her going. He ex partner, now boy friend, Nick is very supportive of her. Their chemistry is "mind-blowing" (Tara's word, not mine!!). 
There is not a single dull moment. The novel is funny, rollicking and moves in a fast pace. The courtroom drama was well worth it. And Tara really is a great shot. She should have killed the criminal when she had the chance. We also love Tara's hairy-assed criminal defense attorney, Anthony Giacomo. He might be short in stature but stands taller than anyone in the court!


fredamans said...

LOL hard to see anyone being soothed by a jackhammer. Sounds like a fun read!

Anonymous said...

That's a novel way to work off stress!

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Yvonne @ Fiction Books Reviews said...

Hi Gautami,

Great teaser lines and a fun cover, but I don't think this is a book for me.

I am pleased that you so obviously enjoyed it.

Have a great week,


Harvee said...

I also love green tea ice cream and will eat lots of it when I can find it! Sounds like an excellent cozy.
Book Dilettante

Anonymous said...

Wow this sounds fantastic. I am always looking for a break from YA which is my normal genre to read. Thanks for stopping by my site. :)

Unknown said...

I had no idea jackhammer could be a stress relief :p Fun teaser. Thanks for stopping by at my TT

Ellie @ Ellie Reads All the Books said...

Sounds like a fun read! Thanks for stopping by :)

Elizabeth said...

LOL on the jackhammer being soothing.

THANKS for sharing.

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Unknown said...

Nice teaser! Thanks for sharing.