Monday, August 9, 2010

Musing Mondays: Do it differently this time!

Each participant to MM today needs to ask their own question for the next person to answer, in addition to answering the previous person’s question.

Composing Cat asks:

Do you have books you read that you are somewhat embarrassed to read in public or let anyone know you read, if so, what are they and why do you read them?

Yes, I too have my guilty pleasures. Once in a while, I like to indulge in romance novels and I do tend to avoid them reading in public. And if I have to read them, I put covers on them so that no one can know what I am reading. There is nothing to feel guilty about, but somehow I do. (However, even if I put covers on romance novels, I avoid explicit covers! LOL!) Why does one read romance novels? To make one feel good as they have happy endings. We all wish that in our lives, don't we?

My question is:

Did you ever read a novel which was not in your comfort zone? What/Who have made you pick up that book? Did you like it and would read more from that genre?


MizB said...

You have a very good point about how we shouldn't be embarrassed to read romance, as it's just a human longing, somewhat fulfilled. :)

I still do like you, though, and cover up my books when I'm reading those. Not always in public, but definitely around my kids (ages 12 and 9), and around my mother. LOL. :P


Gigi Ann said...

The comfort zone question is yes.

My daughter likes Catherine Coulter books, but I just do not like her style of writing. At least for the two books I read of hers. I find them just too wordy, and a repeating of a lot of the storyline about the characters over. I think while I'm reading her books, just move on I already know that. I had a difficult time getting the two books read. I have another one of her books, an audio book, I'm going to try listening to the book and see if that helps. I am really trying to give her my best shot.

caite said...

I don't read romances...but you have to admit, sometimes the covers are just so bad, yes, if I did read them I might be putting a cover over it.

CMash said...

In answer to your question. I was strictly a suspense/mystery only reader before finding this new world of blogging/reviewing. I have broadened my reading due to requests and reviews of other bloggers.

bermudaonion said...

I don't think you should be embarrassed to read romance novels. I do read outside of my comfort zone from time to time - mostly because of my book club.

Leslie (Under My Apple Tree) said...

I rarely go outside my comfort zone unless the book is highly recommended. For example, war stories are just not for me. But I hear The Things They Carried is an excellent book, so it's on my to be read someday list.

Anne said...

It depends on the cover I guess. If it's too graphic, I usually cover it. =)

As for the comfort zone question, the answer is yes. I've always been dedicated to four authors before: Johanna Lindsey, Jude Deveraux, Sidney Sheldon and Judith McNaught. My literature professor told me Sidney Sheldon is crap and he gave us this list containing 100 books to read. If I remember correctly, Anna Karenina, War and Peace and Dr. Zhivago were among the list. I tried reading Dr. Zhivago but my eyes crossed. I'm thinking of reading it again and see if I can stand reading it. I also tried reading The Godfather. I finished it after a month. XD

Kristin said...

While I love romance books, most of the ones I read tend to have tame covers. There have been a few times, though, where I have been embarrassed by the cover and tried to cover it up.

As far as reading out of my comfort zone, yes I have done this for my book club just recently. I felt I had to finish the book not only for the discussion but also because we were meeting at my house that time and I felt it would look bad if I as host didn't finish the book!

My question is about writing reviews if you want to check it out.