Thursday, August 26, 2010

Friday Find: Captured by Desire by Kira Morgan

Author: Kira Morgan
ISBN: 9780446548182
Publisher: Forever/2010
Pages: 384

It is a historical romance, set in the beautiful Scotland. When Florie Gilder, runs to escape the clutches of the law, she is not expecting to be hunted for a deer. Rane McAllister, a huntsman, too doesn't expect that he would be shooting at a female instead of game. When he comes over Florie after his arrow hits her, he is horrified to see what he has done.

He has no other option other than taking her under his protection. He picks her up, takes her to a abandoned church and tends to her wounds. But she resists as she hates being touched. He is surprised by her response as he is not used to being resisted by any female. They are only too happy to let him touch their person.

However, she is a wanted woman and he unwittingly becomes a party to her doings and makes some enemies. She being in church can't be taken prisoner for forty days and he is ordered to guard her day and night. All the while she claims that she only took what belonged to her. She needs it to claim her legacy from her unknown father.

Florie Gilder is goldsmith and too good at it. However, she needs to know her past to be able to have a future. Rane McAllister is but a poor huntsman but rich in his skills and of course looks. And they have sparks flying between them in no time and only by uniting can they escape the enemy.

With a Viking as a hero, and a spunky heroine, it makes a fast breezy read. Both find their nemesis in each other. Florie is fiercely independent woman who knows what she wants and has all her priorities right. Rane, although, irresistible to most women, and used to take his pickings, somehow can't do the same with Florie. Their sparring leads to their attraction and finally, love.

I was going through a reading slump. This book kind of broke it. Nothing like an occasional romance to do that! Thanks to the author, for sending me a copy!


Kelly said...

I'm very picky about the romance books I read, and this one looks really good. I'm loving the story based on your summary and review :) I might need to get a copy of this to keep on my shelf next time I crave romance ;)

Veens said...

Good one, would love to give it a try myself.

Mary Grace said...

Thanks for the drop. I too am picky like Kelly about my romance novel. There are only a few that I can tolerate. I would love some advice with regards to romance novels to expand my genres adventure. :)

Sugar and Snark said...

Great find! Glad it got you out of your slump :)

Stephany said...

Hey! Thanks for dropping by my blog!

Stephany @

Anonymous said...

Romances are great for reading slumps! Looks good.