Sunday, October 17, 2010

TSS: The Weight Of Shadows by Alison Strobel

Title: The Weight Of Silence
Author: Alison Strobel
ISBN: 9780310289456
Publisher: Zondervan/2010
Pages: 316

Kim had a difficult childhood, a tragic mistake to hide from all. She has made a good life for herself but her guilt does not leave her. When she meets Rick, she doesn't not think she deserves him. At his insistence, she moves in with him. But the euphoria of being with him soon dies. He is abusive towards her. And she thinks it her due for what she had done in her teenage years. Their new neighbour Joshua  has some inkling about what goes in the next apartment but can't confront openly. He too has his own secrets. 

Then he tells Debbie about what he fears about Kim. Debbie works for abusive women and saved a lot of them. But like any other women, wants love. And she too is guilt ridden, with no fault of hers. When Rick almost hits their baby, Kim knows she has to save that innocent life, no matter what. She doesn't care anymore that Rick may let out her secret crime into the open.

The lives of Kim, Joshua, Debbie are tied up to each other. Joshua's 4-year old daughter Maddie is a cherub. From page one, this novel grabs the reader. And tells us past wounds can be healed with sensitivity, love and forgiveness. 


bermudaonion said...

I love books that grab me right from the start - this one sounds like a winner!

Marce said...

I have this one on my Kindle, look forward to reading it, glad it grabs you from the beggining.

Cindy Swanson said...

I used to read your blog ages ago, and I'm glad I've rediscovered you! I added you to the blog list on my book blog. :)