Friday, October 8, 2010

Book Blogger Hop/Follow me

Follow Friday, is hosted by ParaJunkee and Book Blogger Hop, is hosted by Jennifer (Crazy-For-Books), check both out and follow/hop to some new blogs.

Jennifer asks: "What's your favorite beverage while reading or blogging, if any? Is it tea, coffee, water, a glass of wine, or something else?

I am a die hard tea drinker. Any time! 

ParaJunkee asks: How many reviews do you like to do a week?

3-4. Not more than that. Lately not more than one as I am not reading anything!

Meanwhile, you can explore my blog. You will definitely find something that interests you. I read wide range of genres, except maybe for a few.  Do check it out!


Jennifer said...

Here from the Hop. Love your blog! Nice and thoughtful, which makes it fun to read. :) I'll have to come back!

Kristen said...

I love tea too! Here from the hop love the blog!

Unknown said...

I'm a tea gal.

Great Blog, Have a pleasant weekend.

Mad Scientist

Jeremy said...

Happy Friday! I'm doing the Blog Hop and Follow Friday. I usually drink iced tea while blogging and the occasional glass of wine. Have a magnificent weekend!

Guta Bauer said...

Hopping by and following.

Come to see Murphy's Library.

Emma Michaels said...

Hey! Happy Follow Friday! Just got back from my signing in California and posted a fun picture of me with Becca Fitzpatrick and Heidi R Kling for my FMBBF/Blog Hop post. Stop by and check it out!
Happy Follow Friday!!!
Emma Michaels

Veens said...

Well I dnt read much anyway! So I have maybe 1 review a week or something :)
And yeah I am also a tea- addict :)

Suko said...

I also love tea! But I am also drinking coffee again. :)

Sugar and Snark said...

Hopping by to say I hope you have a great week!

Read for your future! said...

Just hopping by to say Hi and checki out your blog. Stop by and say Hi and enter my book giveaways. My favorite place to read is in bed at night after the kids are in bed! Have a great weekend!