Friday, October 15, 2010

Book Blogger Hop/Follow me/Friday Find

Follow Friday, is hosted by ParaJunkee and Book Blogger Hop, is hosted by Jennifer (Crazy-For-Books), check both out and follow/hop to some new blogs.

Jennifer asks: "When you read a book that you just can't get into, do you stick it out and keep reading or move to your next title?"

I leave it and get to another book. Sometimes I come back, many a times I don't. It depends on my mood mostly

Meanwhile, you can explore my blog. You will definitely find something that interests you. I read wide range of genres, except maybe for a few. I also write poetry. You can read that on my other blog, rooted. Feel free to explore both of my blogs!

Friday Find

JCW2Silence by Jan Costin Wagner

One ordinary summer's day a young girl disappears while cycling to volleyball practice. Her abandoned bike is found in exactly the same place that another girl was assaulted and murdered thirty-three years previously. The perpetrator was never brought to justice so the authorities suspect the same killer has struck again.


Misha said...

Hi!Hopping by your blog to say Hi and Good Morning too! I think both of us are the earliest hoppers haha.
Here's My Hop

bermudaonion said...

I love the cover of Silence!

Miss Page-Turner said...

Hey I'm a new follower thanks to Follow Friday. You can find my blog here:
Have a nice weekend:)

Judith Leger said...

Blog Hopper here! I did it last week and fell in love with it! I remember once, I started to read a book and I just didn't like it. A couple of years later, I picked it up again (yes, I forgot I'd read part of it). This time my tastes had changed and I absolutely Loved the book from the start to finish. So you never know. If you can't get into it, put it aside for another time. I do.

Followed you!

Lesley said...

I wasn't sure where else to contact you, but I wanted to remind you that this weekend is the Halloween readathon.
Hope you can make it!

Christine said...

I´m stopping by to share some blog hopping love! I´m a new follower and I´m so glad I found your blog! Your design is so amazing!

Have a great weekend!

@ Reading on the Dark Side

Cat said...

Great find - am adding Silence to my list.

Emma Michaels said...

Happy Follow Friday!!! Hope you will stop by my blog too! My publisher and I are looking for a group of bloggers for a huge blog tour next year before the release of book two in my 'A Sense of Truth' series! We will be giving out a few more copies of The Thirteenth Chime (we can only give out so many, being open to e-books gives an upper hand) and are still open to all interviews and guest posts. We want to fill up the Amazon page with reviews and try to reach as many people as we can!!! Hope you might consider being a part of the team! Thank you either way!

Emma Michaels

Heather said...

I put books down all the time and come back to them... although sometimes its years later.

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Normalyn said...

New to follow Friday and I'm enjoying the blog hop!! You have a really nice blog. I'm your newest follower, hope you follow back :) Happy weekend!

Tahlia said...

I'm here from the bloghop too and I'm following.

Hope to see you at my blog soon.