Saturday, June 27, 2009

Weekly Geeks: Trivia time

In this terrible heat (the temperature hovers from 109-111 deg F and humidity level is too high) I think I need to think of trivia for my readers!

1) How many books did P G Wodehouse write? How many of those are Jeeves books?

2) What is Ayn Rand's philosophy known as?

3) What does Bel Canto mean?

4) What is Manga? Do you recommend any to me?

5) Who wrote the Hardy Boy Series?

6) Who is best known for Stream of Consciousness works?

7) Pearl S Buck is best known for The Good Earth. Name any other novel by her.

8) Who first used blank verses in his poetry?

9) What is magical Realism?

10) Tell me two lesser known facts about your favourite author.

Feel free to answer as many as you wish in the comment section. And don't look at other people's answers. No cheating by googling the answers either!! I will answer 1-9..ok 10 too, next week.


Rikki said...

3. Got something to do with singing, but I know no details.
4. Japanese comics. No, I don't. I tried them, didn't like them and blogged about them, too.
7. The German title is "Die Frauen des Hauses Wu". in English it is "Pavillion of women". I really liked it. Never read anything else by her, though.
Happy weekend.

bermudaonion said...

I've read a manga or two at my nephew's urging, but they didn't do much for me, so I don't have any to recommend.

SariJ said...

Ann Rand's Philosophy is known as Objectivism, which is very hard to follow.
I would have to say James Joyce is the answer to # 6.
My son knew the answer to # 4. He recommends the title Bleach.

Great questions!

Violet said...

4) Japanese comics
5) Frank and Joe Hardy
6) The Dowager Empress, based on the last Empress of China.
10) Lisa Kleypas was Miss Massachusetts and she published her first book at the age of 21.

This was fun Gautami :)

Violet said...

oops, My answer of 6 is actually my answer for 7. Typo :)

Unknown said...

1. 85?
2. No idea!
3.Good times?
4. A Japanese style of graphic novel. Normally a containing violence/nudity. I'm afraid I can't recommend any to you, as I've only seem glimpses of it, but I can recommend any film by Miyazaki - which has some manga elements.
6. Virginia Woolf?
7. I'm sad to say I couldn't without cheating!
8. Shakespeare?
9. Weird! Salman Rushdie uses it a lot and I'm not a fan!
10. Rohinton Mistry lives in Canada and once worked as a bank clerk!

ds said...

Okay, paper taped to screen, so no peeking.
1)no clue
2)I USED TO KNOW THIS!!!(grrr)
4)Japanese graphic novels (print anime, sort of?)?
3)sorry--got the order mixed up: "beautiful verse"? it's do to with music...
5)Franklin somebody
6)Proust, James Joyce, Virginia Woolf, Dorothy Richardson
7)no clue
9)really great question: adding elements of supernatural to an otherwise straightforward narrative (that's poor), almost to the point of surrealism. Best practitioner: Gabriel Garcia Marquez
10)godchild of James Russell Lowell;once pretended to be a member of the Emperor of Abyssinia's court
Thanks for the fun, Gautami. Hope you are able to 'beat the heat.' Happy weekend!

Gavin said...

Here goes..

1) no idea

2) Objectivism

3) beautiful singing

4) A Japanese style of comic. I love graphic novels but find manga difficult to read.

5) no idea

6) James Joyce

7) The Pearl

8) Marlowe ?

9) Combines realism with magicial and fantasic images and language. My fist introduction was through Borges and Garcia Marquez.

10) I have too many favorites to pick just one!

Dorte H said...

4) Japanese comics
6) James Joyce (Ulysses)
7) East Wind, West Wind
9) I know but can´t give a short explanation in English
10) don´t have one favourite

Nikki in Niagara said...

3) Good Song? Good Singer?

4) Japanese Graphic Novels drawn in anime style written backwards.

5) Franklin W. Dixon a nom de plume for various authors but the first dozen or so original books were written by Canadian, Leslie McFarland.

6) James Joyce

7) The Goddess Abides

9) realistic fiction which contains a magical element in it that the characters take in without any fuss.

10) question 7 was easy. Pearl S. Buck wrote under the pen name of John Sedges early in her career. She also adopted a mentally handicapped daughter. ok, third fact, her sister, Cornelia Spencer, was also an author in the 50s and 60's mostly writing children's non-fiction about China and Japan.

Nikki in Niagara said...


4) no recomendation. I don't like manga just normal Graphic Novels.

Kerrie said...

Good questions Gautami.
All bases have been covered I think, but I didn't have a lot to contribute apart from James Joyce being the original Stream of Consciusness writer.
10. an Australian one - Miles Franklin was a woman who used a male name to get published in the 19th century.

claire said...

4. Japanese comics. I loooove Rurouni Kenshin, and also Usagi Yojimbo. Have you read them? If not, you should!!
5. Franklin W. Dixon! This I will never forget.
9. Realistic story with fantastical elements. My favourite type of lit! Garcia Marquez, Toni Morrison, et al.

Linda said...

As for manga, I recommend Death Note. I've only read the first few books but very intriguing!