Sunday, June 14, 2009

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Lately I have not written specifically for The Sunday Salon. I have been posting reviews or Sunday Book coveting. So what's so new today? Yes, I am on my summer vacations, reading a lot and blogging too. Write a poem a day. I don't really go out anywhere. It is very hot in Delhi right now. So staying in is cool!

I never used to watch TV much but I do that too. Mainly watching HBO or World Movies.

Last week I read mysteries mainly. Two Colin Cotterill books--Curse of the Pogo Stick and The Merry Misogynist, In the Shadow of the Glacier by Vicki Delany, and flipped through The Heretic Queen by Michelle Moran, which I had read but forgotten to review. I participated in the Mystery Readathon. Here are my starting meme and wrap up posts for that.

Then Eleanor Bluestein was on my blog by the way of a guest post and interview.

I posted the following too:

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I discovered a great number of book blogs too via most of the book memes like Musing Mondays, Mailbox Mondays, Tuesday Teasers, Booking through Thursday, Friday Finds, Weekly Geeks and lot more. I have subscribed to those through google reader, which now contains more than 400 blogs. Including those poetry/writers blogs I have to visit. Unmanageable, yes but well worth it!

I am currently reading Angel's Advocate by Mary Stanton. I received it yesterday and as it looks like a fast read I started it this morning and ought to finish it by evening. I am also reading The Wolf's Head by Peter Unwin, a non-fiction about Lake Superior


Kerrie said...

good to see all that crime fiction Gautami!

Lisa (Southern Girl Reads) said...

It's hot and humid here in Florida too (though not as hot as Dehli) so I'm planning on staying indoors today as well. I'm making an effort to read more crime fiction this year, a genre I used to read a lot of but have gotten away from. Enjoy your day and stay cool! ;)

bermudaonion said...

Your reader contains 400 blogs? Wow! How do you do it?

Amanda said...

I second bermudaonion's comment. 400?? Really?? Wow! I have a hard enough time with the 75-100 that I have!

JoAnn said...

I'm amazed at the 400 blogs, too! You also manage to leave comments on many of the same blogs I read, so I'm doubly impressed. Have a great week.

Color Online said...

I miss having summers off. Yes, way too many blogs but they just keep scrolling in your reader, always something new to choose from.

Happy reading.

Yvonne said...

I have the book by Mary Stanton in my TBR and it looks like a good cozy. I love cozies.

Alyce said...

I'm glad you are able to stay out of the heat! I can't imagine what it's like there. I live in Oregon, and we only have really hot weather (over 100) for a few weeks in the summer. This week it's been in the 70s.

Ti said...

At the peak of summer, it hits about 115 here but usually not for too long. We've been very lucky so far with cool breezes.

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

claire said...

I'm loving the warm weather here, only because we've had cold for far too long! Stay cool and have fun with your reads this week! :D