Thursday, June 25, 2009

Baby Shark by Robert Fate

The Rumble of the Machines stopped everything cold. No one spoke, but everyone knew what was next.

Title: Baby Shark
Author: Robert Fate
ISBN: 9780977627691
Publisher: Capital Crime Press/2006
Pages: 270


to take revenge
she had to be patient
rose from the ashes
to kill the biker gang


Forgetting nothing,she relived the hell of that night for days, weeks, and months. Better than anyone else, she learnt it all, defense, pool and how to be street smart. When time was ripe for revenge, she made for the kill, even alone if she had to.


The above two verse describe the book in different ways.

Bikers enter a poolroom in the west of Abilene and coolly start a fight. Kristen's father is murdered in front of her and she is brutally raped, beaten and left for dead. With the help of Henry, whose son too was killed in there, she slowly recovers from her ordeal. Only in the physical sense. Even than she has some scars left. All she wants is revenge. The police is not ready to help. Infact they don't want to pursue the case at all even when told of the biker gang's identity. Some big guns are involved. With Henry, Sarge, Albert and Otis's help she learns all the skills to defend herself use of guns and also be good at the pool table.

Kristen at 17, has seen too much which she ought not have. We don't blame her for wanting to take revenge. Infact we want it fast. Henry knows that they must not hurry. But bide their time. He has hired Otis to trace the bikers and he does it too. Kristen is known as Baby Shark for her poolroom skills. She had been turored well by her father's friend.

This is street literature with bikers, street languages and our baby knows how to survive is such a way. She had to learn it the hard way. She is a killer but is one with a purpose. Her character is well etched out and we love the chinese Henry and the PI Otis. Both care for Baby in their own ways wanting no harm come her way.

It made a good fast paced summer read. Thanks Robert, for the book!


The Reading Momster said...

Sounds good!
I have an award waiting for you -

Thank You!

andy said...

Yeah, I like the 'to the point' poetry and the informed book revue!

Jacqueline C. said...

Bel Canto is on my bookshelf waiting. Here's mine:

Literary Feline said...

I am glad you enjoyed this one, Gautami. It is a lot darker than most of the books I read, and like you, I wondered at first if it would be for me. Once I started reading though, I really enjoyed it.