Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Host - Natasha at Maw Books

What to do during the Bloggiesta?

Anything blog related. Reviews. Back up posts. Guest posts. Invitation for guest posts. Tweaking the blog: templates, links, widgets. Planning for author interviews. Anything, everything to do with blogging.

How to play:

The date is Friday, June 19th beginning at 8am, Saturday the 20th and ending Sunday the 21st at 8am (8am your time, wherever you are). That is a total of 48 hours, of which you should aim high for a total of 18-24 hours spent on the challenge.

The hours spent on the challenge do NOT need to be in a row.

Sign up and more details on the site post here


Although I signed for it, I am going away for a break, which was completely unplanned. I have scheduled a few posts. Reviews, memes and other related stuff, which will come up on their scheduled dates. Does that count?


serendipity_viv said...

I think I would end up divorced and have my children taken away from me if I spent that much time on my PC. So as much I would like to, for the sanity of my family I will not be participating.

Anonymous said...

That is A LOT of time at the computer on the weekend. Fun idea if you can do it. And I think you'd need a break!

Serena said...

this is the first I'm hearing of this challenge, but I can't say this weekend is a good one for me to try it.

Dawn - She is Too Fond of Books said...

Enjoy your time away from the heat of Delhi!

I think your blog post promoting Bloggiesta "counts" :)

I won't be able to spend much time on blog housekeeping this weekend (Father's Day), but I love this plan of Natasha!